By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Nothing affects consistency as much as the quality of the ammunition you shoot out of your gun. With ammunition demand so high, many major manufacturers have cranked up production to the point that quality can begin to suffer. For this reason, the Sportsman’s News team rely on DoubleTap Ammunition for their hunts.

Utilizing semi-custom loading, hand inspection, quality components, reliable materials and proven techniques, DoubleTap Ammunition provides the highest quality controls all along the production process, to insure consistent reliability from start to finish.

Each round of DoubleTap Ammunition is hand inspected by a human being before it leaves the factory so that you can know it will be within the precise specifications required for consistent shooting.

Using top quality components is another way that DoubleTap Ammunition ensures ultimate performance out of every round. Custom made brass; proven primers; high end commercial powders; painstakingly engineered ballistic recipes and high-end bullets from top-end manufacturers such as Barnes, Nosler, Lapua, Woodleigh and Sierra all combine to make some of the best cartridges on the market.

DSC_0690In addition to high-end bullets from top of the line manufacturers, DoubleTap Ammunition makes their own hardcast bullets from their own recipe of lead and alloys to achieve an exacting 21 Brinell hardness for excellent penetration as well as consistent terminal ballistics. Their bullets maintain their shape without fragmenting so they deliver maximum impact on target and straight-line penetration.

In 2012, DoubleTap expanded their manufacturing facility in Cedar City, UT to more than double their capacity. In 2014 they will begin manufacturing their own brass to achieve even higher quality and better uniformity, as well as control all aspects of their production.

Not only does DoubleTap Ammunition lead the way in quality, but also they are an industry leader in innovating new designs. Their Equalizer round combines two projectiles into a single case, a functional hollowpoint followed by a hardcast wadcutter, to deliver maximum stopping power with each and every shot. Combine this innovative design with highly tested ballistic recipes and you get unrivaled innovation.

Another area of expansion for DoubleTap is dividing their ammunition into six distinctive categories; Long Range, Safari, Hunting, Tactical, Defense and their newest category, Target.  These categories are the same great quality ammo you have come to expect from DoubleTap Ammunition, but easier to determine the appropriate application. Some of the offerings in each category are brand new, offering match grade FMJ ammo more appropriate for general shooting than for hunting or personal defense.

In addition to their semi-custom loads, DoubleTap also offers custom loads, matching load and bullet combinations for those who don’t have the time, skill or inclination to custom load their own ammo. These custom loads are available with only a five-box minimum. Once the custom order has been created, DoubleTap keeps the load on file so additional orders can be quickly turned around.

DSC_0720DoubleTap is the 7th largest ammunition manufacturer in the US, but still operates like a custom loading shop, running the majority of their loads on Dillon progressive presses operated by hand. They do have automated ammo loaders, but each is exactingly monitored to ensure consistency within a tenth of a grain of powder weight. All of this translates into improved accuracy on target. In fact, this ammunition is more consistent than most shooters, so if you are looking to blame your misses on something, you will have to rule out your ammo. That is the reason DoubleTap Ammunition is the official ammo of Sportsman’s News. When we have to make the shot, in order to bring you great articles and television shows, we can’t afford to trust anything less than the best for our hunts.

Check out DoubleTap Ammunition at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store or order your custom loads at You can also call them at (866) 357-10MM. DoubleTap Ammunition; consistent, reliable, quality ammunition made in America. It really doesn’t get any better than that.