Each and every year the Sportsman’s News team travels to all of the industry trade shows where manufactures display their new products which will hit the shelves during the calendar year. We have picked some of the products that caught our eye and will be on the shelves of Sportsman’s Warehouse sometime this year. They are new and exciting and you will probably see a more detailed review of each of these items throughout the year in the pages of Sportsman’s News.

Camp Chef Italia Pizza OvenCamp Chef Italia Artisan Pizza Oven
You can’t control the weather and you can’t control the hunting or fishing, but the one thing you can control is the food you eat. That is why engineers at Camp Chef spent more than a year designing the new Italia Artisan Pizza Oven to mimic cooking patterns found in a traditional wood fired brick oven.

Not only is it an inexpensive alternative to a wood fired brick oven, it’s a lot smaller and portable too. This oven is powered by a disposable propane bottle. However, a bulk tank hose and adaptor is included, allowing users to take the oven from the back patio to the camp site.

The oven is not limited to just pizza but creates new options for any outdoor menu. That’s because specially designed ventilation and double layered ceilings create heating dynamics similar to that of a wood fired oven. This means menu items can include a roasted steak dinner or cedar baked salmon with hot breads like cinnamon rolls for breakfast. The options seem endless, especially with a little bit of creativity.

G5 havocG5 Havoc Expandable Broadhead
This expandable, two bladed broadhead provides you with the power of G5’s Dual Trap blade retention system. Its surgically precise construction and wide slice give you the ultimate advantage in the field, with a two inch cutting diameter no game is off limits.

The Dual Trap retention system incorporated into the Havoc gives you the best of both worlds. With the durability of a stainless steel collar and the reliability of an elastomeric ring, it’s like a memory foam pillow on a steel frame bed. This construction provides the perfect place to rest the razor sharp Lutz blades before releasing havoc.

The business end of the new Havoc broadhead utilizes two Lutz blades. From high strength steel to the Lutz proprietary grinding process makes this German sharpened metal the sharpest blades in the industry. It’s not whether you can afford to have it, it’s whether you can afford not to have it.

G5 Cmax_rightArrow Rest
This rest has a full 360 degrees of containment, the Cmax has the versatility to take on any fletching orientation. The launcher arm can be activated by either the all new push button activation system or drawing of the bow string. A minimal weight of 2.7 oz. and a durable full metal frame the new Cmax arrow rest from G5 is a must for any serious bow hunter or competitive shooter. Built to withstand the toughest conditions, the Cmax has been cycled over 1 million times without losing a step.

The innovative Cmax dropaway arrow rest has an extended arrow contact release timing for improved accuracy while offering virtual silence in the field. In addition, a set up time of less than 5 minutes from package to the field makes frustrations of installation a thing of the past.

Sitka Gear Blizzard_parkaSitka Gear-Blizzard Parka and Bibs
An integral piece to Sitka’s warmest big game system, the Blizzard locks you into a GORE-TEX vault that’s insulated 650 fill power white duck down blended with Primaloft ultra-fine denier fibers. When the Blizzard Parka is paired with the Blizzard Bib, it essentially becomes a walking sleeping bag that’s 100% waterproof – ideal for long periods of low activity on the tundra, like riding horseback and settling into glass.

Sitka Gear Blizzard_pantWith a design that fits close to your body, the Blizzard Jacket features articulated patterning and minimal bulk, giving you more freedom to move, while keeping clear of your bowstring. Unmatched warmth combined with a minimal bulk fit makes for the ultimate cold weather system in the field.

The parka is equipped with RIRI Waterproof Front Zipper, Welded and Water Tight Zippers, Two Hand Warmer Pockets, Along With an Array of Zippered Pockets, Internal Sleeve Cuffs, Drop Away Hood for Maximum Visibility, and Durable Face Fabric. The bibs are equipped with Welded and Water Tight Zippers, Extra High Back which Maximizes Overlap for Increased Protection, Quiet Snap Cargo Pockets, and Durable Face Fabric.

Garmin VirbGarmin VIRB 1080P Action Camera
VIRB has a sleek, aerodynamic design that makes it fun and simple to record HD video- just move the slider forward to record. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery can record up to three hours of HD (1080p) video with one charge, and can be easily changed on the go. The WideVü lens captures all the action, and the high-resolution Chroma display makes it easy to change menu settings, set-up and playback shots, but has reflective technology so it doesn’t drain the battery. The 1.4-inch screen uses ambient light (instead of a battery-draining backlight) to illuminate the screen and make it easy to see in bright sunlight.

Bushnell HD Wireless CameraBushnell Wireless Trophy CamHD
This camera is the first carrier-approved wireless trail camera, offers unmatched convenience and simplicity with its user-friendly interface and a prepaid introductory data plan.

Built on the award winning Trophy Cam platform, Wireless Trophy Cam HD is the ultimate next generation scouting tool. With the transmission of thumbnail images via email or text, hunters can monitor activity and keep an eye on the woods in near real time, while an exclusive smart phone app (free for both Android and iPhone devices) allows hunters to quickly modify camera settings. Hi-res images are saved to the web portal www.wirelesstrophycam.com where users can download images or change camera settings remotely.

Easy to set up out of the box, Wireless Trophy Cam HD utilizes patented Zipit Wireless technology and includes a prepaid AT&T data plan that provides users with unlimited thumbnail images for the first 30 days. From seasonal to year-around scouting, Bushnell offers data plans (no contract required) as economical as $9.99/month to complement a variety of scouting tactics, including a convenient pay-as-you go plan. Data communication to and from the camera operates on AT&T’s fast and reliable 4G LTE network.

Vortex Kaibab 20X BinosVortex Kaibab HD 20 Power Bino’s
The Kaibab HD is the ultimate long-distance western-hunting binocular series. When serious patience and superior optics are required to locate trophy animals at extreme distances, the slim, ergonomic Kaibab, delivers premium-quality, high-magnification optical performance.
Bright, crisp and clear, the Kaibab features Vortex’s advanced APO optical system with HD (Premium High Density Extra-low Dispersion) glass. Dielectric multi-layer prism coatings and lenses fully multicoated with XR Plus anti-reflective optical coatings, (the highest grade Vortex offers) deliver truly exceptional light transmission along with astonishing, color-accurate images.
All exterior lenses are protected by ArmorTek – an ultrahard, scratch-resistant coating that repels oil, dirt and the corrosive salts of fingerprints. Locking right-eye diopter ensures binoculars stay optimally focused.
100 percent waterproof, fogproof (purged with argon gas), dustproof and shockproof construction. Argon gas maintains its protective properties over a wider temperature range compared to traditional nitrogen, does not diffuse as quickly as other elements and will not absorb or react chemically with water.
Intended to be used with a tripod, the Kaibab includes the Uni-Daptor tripod adapter to provide extended, comfortable, rock-steady viewing at long distances. Soft and durable twist-up-and down eyecups provide additional comfort during long glassing sessions.
Vortex Kaibab 20×56 binoculars deliver the features and performance western hunters demand to visually tear apart open landscapes in pursuit of tough-to-locate trophy big game.

Bushnell Rangefinder_1Bushnell Elite Tactical 1 Mile Rangefinder
The Elite Tactical 1-Mile ARC offers pinpoint precision and high-quality optics in a rugged yet compact and lightweight design. The device quickly acquires distances from 5-1760 yards, with +/- one-yard accuracy and a 1/10th yard display out to 199 yards.
Equipped with five modes of operation – standard scan mode, bow, rifle, BullsEye and Brush modes – the Elite Tactical 1-Mile features 7x magnification and fully multi-coated optics. Built with a sturdy, rubber-armored housing that’s finished in dark sand, the device is 100 percent waterproof and fog proof. Bushnell has taken all-weather performance a step further with the patented RainGuard HD permanent lens coating, an anti-fog and water repellent coating that gives users a clear view in the toughest conditions.

SealSkinz_waterp_4dd1cfc1dcc28Seal Skinz Waterproof Socks
Long known in the UK, SealSkinz socks are newly available in the United States. These Merino wool blend socks are so much more than meets the eye. Sandwiched between soft Merino wool and space age fibers is a breathable waterproof membrane. What this means is that sweat can pass from inside the sock to the outside where it is wicked away to evaporate, but water coming from outside can not pass into the sock. This technology keeps your feet bone dry no matter where you put them. The socks are calf length to prevent water from coming in over the top, and features an elasticized instep and heel padding to offer supreme comfort and support.

If you routinely walk in water or snow, these socks will provide needed warmth, thanks to their Merino wool blend and also keep your dogs dry. This prevents blisters, fatigue, and chilling from wet feet.

fireside-fishing-pole-1Fire Buggz Fire Fishing Pole
Sometimes a great new product gets selected because it is a lot of fun. The Fire Fishing Pole from Fire Buggz falls into that category but it is also a very useful tool in camp. The Fire fireside-fishing-pole-2Fishing pole uses a strong steel rod with a handle attached to a thinner steel “line” with a set of four roasting hooks on a hinged platform. Use the hooks to attack marshmallows or hot dogs. Roast them over the fire without singing your hands. Not only does the Fire Fishing Pole give you plenty of standoff from the fire, but it has a twist. This is where the fun comes in. Just slightly jig the rod and the hinged roasting platform flips over to let you roast the other side of your food. Kids of all ages will enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to perfectly roast their favorite treat over the campfire and they will be jigging the rods up and down trying to get that perfectly roasted marshmallow.

DSCF5159SeaToSummit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack
Everyone loves the versatility of a compression sack to store clothing and compress it down to minimize the space that it takes in your pack. The problem with most compression sacks is that if you get wet, so does whatever is in the sack. The SeaToSummit Ultra-Sil Compression Dry Sack solves that problem by making a compressible sack that lets air out to compress but keep water out so the items inside stay dry. This is especially useful for those who canoe to their camp sight or spend time packing through very wet environments. The Compression Dry Sacks are available in 3.3 liter, 6 liter, 10 liter, 14 liter, and 20 liter sizes and their weight ranges from 1.8-3.5 ounces. The eVent fabric is lightweight and amazingly thin so it compresses even the bulkiest material into a manageable size while protecting it from the elements.

Today, there are countless electronic devices we use in the outdoors and there are just as many products on the market to keep those devices charged. One method that is a new innovation is the ability to charge your electronics while you cook. Everyone knows that one of the oldest methods of generating electricity is by burning fuel; oil, coal, gas, or wood, to generate electricity. The PowerPot allows you to recoup the energy usually lost while preparing food and use it to charge your electronics. A sturdy hard anodized  aluminum 1 quart pot lets you prepare the majority of camp meals, boil water, or heat up your favorite canned food at the same time as you charge your device. The Pot works with any USB capable device and can even be used to charge power cells to store electricity when not directly charging your device. The PowerPot will work on any portable camp stove, or directly on a campfire. The PowerPot is a great choice for the active backcountry camper because it is lightweight and you can store your stove right inside the pot, but it is also a great fit for emergency preparedness as a backup energy source.

IMG_9273Browning’s Hells Canyon Ultra-Lite
For hunting in early season conditions, it’s tough to beat the new Hells Canyon Ultra-lite series from Browning.  The focus is on high breathability and mobility. Ultra-Lite is ideal for the active hunter who covers mile after mile in all kinds of conditions. The Ultra-Lite jacket and pant are also great for cold weather when layered over an insulation layer. Both the jacket and pant feature Browning’s new Addvanced Scent Control to help get you closer to game than ever before. The new Ultra-Lite series is an essential part of any serious big game hunter’s outdoor gear.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mid-weight shell fabric is windproof, highly water-resistant and breathable
  • Soft fleece lining features Addvanced Scent Control to reduce human scent
  • Harness Access
  • Internal sleeve cuffs and drop back bottom hem with draw cord
  • Two oversized pockets with zipper closure
  • Pant
  • Fully constructed waist with zippered fly, belt loops and no-slip strip
  • Zippered hip, thigh and rear pockets
  • Athletic cut and articulated patterning for great fit

Coast HR7 FlashlightCoast HP7 Flashlight & HL7 Headlamp
The Coast HP7 LED Flashlight is a great size that is easy to carry and packs the light output and runtime that is needed by those that rely on their light every day. A quick cycle switch allows you to select between a high output setting of 251 lumens or a low output of 58 lumens allowing you to choose the right level for your application. Coast’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic System with Fingertip Speed Focus Control provides superior beam consistency from spot to flood, with no dark rings typically associated with focusing flashlights and you can lock the beam focus in any position you want with their Beam Lock System. The Bulls Eye spot beam pattern gives you a great focused spot with a maximum beam distance of 196 meters (642 feet), while producing an outer ring of flood light which allows you to see a broader area to the sides. Built tough, an impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum casing resists rust and corrosion. P.S. – The word is there will be a new rechargeable version out soon!

Coast HL7 HeadlampThe HL7 Focusing Headlamp boasts both adjustable focus and light dimming functions. With Coast’s new beam shaping technologies such as their Pure Beam Focusing Optic system, you get more usable light. From spot to flood, their new optics produce superior light output and beam quality. The Bulls Eye spot beam pattern gives you a great focused spot with a maximum beam distance of 109 meters (357 feet), while producing an outer ring of flood light which allows you to see a broader area for added side vision. A larger power switch and easier-to-grip focusing bezel ensure no fumbling in the dark to get your light turned on and adjusted; even while wearing gloves. A handy dimming function allows you to adjust your light output to just the right level for your application. For added durability, an expandable Z-Cord provides power to the LED from the battery pack and is built in to the headband to reduce the possibility of snagging. Both of these products are backed by Coast’s lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

STS HeadlampNITE IZE STS Headlamp
The INOVA STS Headlamp by NITE IZE has a sleek design that’s not only comfortable and adjustable, but has a multi-mode, dual LED color lamp consisting of white & red lights.

Imagine being able to access your different lighting modes with a simple swipe of your finger, bringing the NITE IZE innovative design “Swipe-To-Shine” alive. The hands-free illumination is controlled by just swiping your finger across the top, allowing access to multiple modes and making it the perfect tool for shedding light on your dark occasion! Using 3-AAA batteries,  the dual white LEDs project lumens up to 142 and have a variety of light settings including a strobe light and lockout mode to prevent you from accidentally turning it on.  It’s water resistant up to one meter with a battery life of 255 hours on the low setting.

X4_jeepJumping Jack X4 Trailer
When it comes to camp trailers that are durable and versatile, the first company that comes to mind is Jumping Jack Trailers. The new X4 series is nothing short of perfection with its removable tent pod. The X4 pod not only works seamlessly with the X4 trailer, but can also be mounted to your own trailer, pontoon boat or truck bed. When closed, it offers a 6×6 upper deck for cargo, such as an ATV or other gear, including bike and kayak racks, etc. The wings of the X4 Tent Pod can be positioned vertically for use as a high-wall utility cargo space. Like the 6×8 Utility model, the X4 tent includes the patented “jump up” feature with two beds and a swing-up table. I really like how quick and simple the X4 series is to set up. The exterior material is made of a durable marine canvas that is mildew and water-resistant giving great protection from Mother Nature. The interior consists of 80 Sq ft with a ceiling height of 6 ½ feet and sleeps 2 to 4 people.  If the X4 wasn’t rugged enough with its 15” wheels, they offer a larger fender kit to accommodate up to a 35” tire. The size and weight of this trailer make it ideal for towing behind smaller SUVs, cars or off-road vehicles. With everything included in one trailer, it will make your greatest adventures a reality.

15001-2_agencyBenchmade Knife Company, Inc.
The Saddle Mountain Skinner is part of a new hunting line this year for Benchmade Knife Company. Benchmade took a survey of 5,000 hunters to find out what they wanted in a knife and found Edge retention, durability and corrosion resistance were all atop the list. The CPM-S30V steel is a premium grade stainless steel that’s corrosion resistant with superb edge qualities. They’ve featured the Dymondwood handle that is a stabilized wood, impervious to moisture and will not warp under extreme conditions. The Saddle Mountain Skinner is designed and built for the individual who appreciates the difference a high-quality cutting tool can make. It’s the perfect knife for skinning your big game and tough enough to withstand anything you dare put in its way. With their Lifesharp service and lifetime warranty to back it up, how can you go wrong?