What is tougher than a Grizzly? Nothing that we have found when it comes to coolers. Grizzly coolers are manufactured and developed by Iowa Rotocast Plastic (IRP) here in the United States. IRP has been making rotomolded products since 1983 and their tough new line of coolers has what it takes to stand up to a hungry grizzly bear, let alone the tough usage of the average everyday Sportsman.

We have been using Grizzly Coolers here at Sportsman’s News since long before they were known as Grizzly Coolers.  We are still using some of the original coolers that we tested over eight years ago and they are holding up just fine.  With some of these coolers spending more time in the field during a one year period of time than they would with most people over ten years, it is hard to believe they could make these products any better. It turns out that there are some good improvements as well as great new designs.

9830tn_2000x2000The Grizzly 16 is one such cooler and is our Pro’s Picks choice for this issue. This compact dynamo is absolutely perfect for all of those day trips and doesn’t take up excess space. The outside dimensions of this model are 20” wide by 11.5” deep and 14.5” high and has enough inside capacity to hold 20-twelve ounce cans or a six pack and your lunch. The environmentally friendly pressure injected insulation will hold ice for multiple days. When the Sportsman’s News team conducted our cooler test in the summer of 2013 and Grizzly Coolers outperformed the other brands with their ability to hold ice longer and the Grizzly 16 holds the same reputation. We filled the cooler with water, stuck it in the deep freeze for several days with the lid open and then put it to the test. We opened the cooler each and every morning and evening to check the status of the ice. The unit was stored inside the office at 72 degrees, so not exactly summer conditions, but a good test. On the 7th evening, there was enough ice to fill an 8 ounce glass and was gone the following morning.   It outperformed our expectations to say the least. We found it provides much more cold power than anyone should ever need.

This unit is ideal for a standard lunch box or just a daytime getaway. It fits behind the seat of most vehicles. The heavy duty rubber latches secure the lid extremely well and provide a solid seal for the rubber gasket which is the reason why this unit holds ice for so long. If you are worried about one of your kids getting or maybe your hunting buddy sneaking your goodies inside, it has two different places to secure a padlock. This unit won’t just keep out your buddies, it is IGBC Bear certified which means a hungry bear couldn’t break into this thing with a full hour of contact.

Grizzly Coolers have proven to be the best coolers at keeping ice for extended periods of time as well as being durable. It is a great investment and well worth the money and the lifetime warranty insures it will be the last cooler of this size you will ever need to purchase.