By Collin Dalley
Field Editor

As an outdoorsman I often find it a necessity to securely fasten additional gear to the exterior of my hunting or hiking backpacks, to make enough room for all the essentials I need for that trip.

Whether it is a day trip or a weeklong backpacking trip deep into the backcountry, Tribe One Outdoors has developed the ultimate product for eliminating any worries about securely fastening gear to your backpack, duffle bag, tent, tarp or any material of comparable thickness! The LP Series PackNet is so simple and yet one of the most innovative products I have had the privilege to use. I tested the product on my Alps 4200 cascade backpack; at first I found myself looking at the creative design wondering how this works but that thought soon disappeared as I took the unique PackTach and carabiner in hand. The PackTach is the key to the whole system, as it allows you to easily set an anchor point to just about anywhere you desire on a backpack. It works by creating a friction point between the pack and the PackTach and effectively holding the carabiner to any location on the pack, or any other material for that matter without the worry of sequencecausing any damage.  Its design starts with the 1-5/8” x 7/8” x 11/16” PackTach. This anchor point is made from high strength plastic with larger circle shapes at opposite ends that are big enough for a 1 to 3 inch standard “D” shape carabiner, while the middle remains narrower to keep the carabiner securely fastened. The best way to start securing gear is to take the high strength plastic PackTach and push from the inside of the pack material; by doing this you will notice the backpack material will fit into the PackTach circles and allow enough room for the carabiner to slide through without ever damaging any material. (See picture for details). With the PackTach on the inside of your backpack and the carabiner on the outside it creates a friction point that will give you a average pulling force of 50 lbs, keeping gear secured.

packNetStuffedAfter setting your anchor points with the PackTach the next step is to secure your gear using the PackNet. The PackNet is a high strength 3/16” military speck shock cord that features a unique center hub and a flexible two-loop adjustment system, making it the perfect tool for securing gear to your anchor points created by the PackTach’s. With the option of placing the PackTach’s and Carabiner’s basically anywhere on your pack, it truly gives you the ability to secure gear according to comfort and not according to “it fits best here” basis. I found it was great for situating my heavier gear on the bottom and lighter gear towards the top, allowing me to maintain the best weight distribution for proper balance and stability on heavier loads.

It’s one of the most versatile solutions for a wide variety of backpacks, duffle bags, tents, tarps, or any material of similar size that I have ever found. The PackNet system has a coverage area of 24” x 24” giving it a storage capacity of 85 liters and tensile strength of 300 lbs while only weighing in at 6.5 oz. The LP Series PackNet includes six PackTach’s and six Aluminum carabiner’s to provide a hooking point for your gear. If you find a need to cover a greater area, PackTach’s can be purchased separately. Stop by your local Sportsman’s Warehouse today and check out this one of a kind product for yourself.