Fusion3ExtremeBeam was founded on the principal of ‘Truth’ with zero compromise. In the beginning, ExtremeBeam began as the founding company for Anti-Recoil high output LED lighting technology, designed with the combat veteran in mind.  The employees at ExtremeBeam knew that men and women’s lives depended on the lasting performance of their products even under the most severe of conditions. The zero compromise attitude was established as their founding and lasting principle of design within the Alpha-TAC ExtremeBeam company foundation.

When ExtremeBeam began its sales in the world of sporting goods and civilian sales, there was no change in their quality, durability or that perfectionist keep them alive attitude of zero compromise.

ExtremeBeam spent years perfecting its durability and weapon mounting capability, at last becoming one of the most weapon mountable and shock proof brands ever seen in history. Utilizing SuperLumen™ Balance Beam Technology™, ExtremeBeam has maintained its position as a new world leader in extreme performance. When it comes to quality sporting and industrial use flashlights, ExtremeBeam is known by its fans as a top performing, efficient long range illumination tool.  Built with extreme durability and long range performance in mind, it takes over 1000 lumens of power from a competitors light to even come close to a 240 lumen light from ExtremeBeam. That means hours more of run time, no overheating and with an Ant-Recoil™ weapon mounting rating of .50 cal BMG, ExtremeBeam lights were built for shock and awe.

For those who want heavy hitting lumens with long range performance, ExtremeBeam released its M1000 Fusion Superlight.  Conservatively rated at 600 meters for range, the new M1000 can light up your buddies map thousands of feet away and can shine for hours.

This lights heavy duty construction weighing in at 1lb 6 ounces, makes it the perfect light for any truck or car and the perfect flashlight for the security guard using it for the additional self-defense advantages (See the many online videos of it crashing through walls!). Yet it is fully balanced and won’t tire out your hands and wrists when you carry it.

For those looking for the ability to fully customize their lighting solutions, look no farther than the XT8 ProRanger and XT8 Strobe. The XT8 series have the ability to be easily converted into a metal molle 90 degree flashlight with the addition on the Metal Molle adapter. And with 10 available bulb options for the XT8 platform, including UV bulbs for curing epoxy resins and performing badge inspections, to the IR bulbs making your infrared scopes perform wonderfully or the super output 500 lumen bulbs, for those times when flooding lumens is what’s needed, the ability to modify and customize your flashlight is simply amazing.

If you are looking for the ultimate in long range weapon mountable lighting performance in a light yet durable package for your AR15 platform, the new ExtremeBeam TAC24 is a favorite among SWAT officers worldwide, for its extreme range and tune focus-ability in a light and yet an extremely durable package.

If budget and price were holding you back from acquiring a good, solid built flashlight, then the M4 Scirrako is the light for you. Designed for long range and only costing about $50, the M4 will forever change the way you look at flashlight performance. And for a few bucks more, you can add the green LSR cartridge and outperform hunting lasers at only a fraction of the cost.

The green LSR cartridges are LED based technology which causes a predators eyes to reflect light for easy spotting. Range with this bulb insert is nearly 900 feet.

ExtremeBeam believes that a good flashlight is one whose beam can be controlled with high quality optics and performance regulated circuits designed for exceptional battery life. Gone are the days of wasted lumens and poor battery run-times. Gone are the days of worrying when your light gets dropped. Allow ExtremeBeam to change the way you think about true flashlight performance.

Once you’ve selected your flashlight of choice, don’t forget ExtremeBeam’s rechargeable battery kits which will save you money and eliminate the need to use those throw away batteries.

ExtremeBeam makes a good variety of lights, all with surprisingly bright long range performance, better quality, better machining, better efficiency and a better warranty. All for a better price. And ExtremeBeam stands for Truth, Freedom and the spreading of Light in more ways than one.

Finally, ExtremeBeam is one of the few high-end flashlight companies who own their factory. And that means they pass the savings on to you, their customers while providing what is known world-wide as the highest quality and performance and at the best pricing.

If you’re looking for exceptional quality, extremely durable build and an even more exceptional price, try Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam flashlights. It will change the way you think about light. ExtremeBeam – They Out Perform!