By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Rather than a tie or coffee mug, why not hook dad up with some great gear for the outdoors this Father’s Day? Here are a few ideas that any dad would love.

5.11 Tactical CS25.11 Tactical Counter Strike 2
The Counter Strike 2 is a full sized tactical folder with a 3.75” spear point knife blade hardened to 57-29 HRC for enhanced tensile strength and edge retention. A deep finger choil provides excellent user control for fine tasks, ambidextrous thumb studs allow quick and smooth one-handed deployment, and a crack and shatter resistant FRN scale handle provides a confident and secure grip with or without gloves. The blade has been beadblasted to eliminate glint, and the liner lock is reinforced to ensure safe operation. The CS2 ships with a four-way pocket clip and a Torx  wrench for modifications. The CS2 is a beefy, quality knife that feels substantial in the hand but provides excellent ergonomics. The hardened AUS8 steel is going to take almost any abuse you throw at it. From a daily carry and work knife to tactical and defensive applications, the CS2 will rise to the challenge. The textured grip provides excellent traction when wet or dry and it forms well to the hand and is balanced for comfortable use. The beadblasted blasted spear point blade is thick and tapers gently into a wicked point for deep penetration and enough weight to provide ample slicing and cutting, even through thick material. There is zero lateral play at the pivot pin, overcoming any side to side forces you may have to apply. The subdued color of the pocket clip helps it blend in and makes it unobtrusive for everyday carry. The ability to remount the pocket clip in any of four different configurations, makes it ideal for any application.

Yeti-CoolerYeti Roadie 20 Cooler
Providing a small, extreme cooler, just large enough for a 12-pack or a limit of fish, the Roadie gives you the performance of the Yeti Tundra, in a small and portable package. With a stainless steel folding carrying handle, this cooler serves every role, from lunchbox to portable beer hauler, with minimal space sacrificed for hauling. Whether on a small boat, in the back of a packed SUV, or anywhere where space is a premium, the Roadie 20 fits. Roto-molded out of a single piece of high density polyethylene and filled with 2 inches of pressure-injected polyurethane insulation, the Yeti roadie 20 will handle anything you can throw at it, including a grizzly bear. The Roadie has been certified bear proof by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC).  Unbreakable self-stopping hinges have been molded directly into the body and lid to keep the lid propped open without fear of it breaking off. Heavy rubber latches hold the lid down tight and keep the cold in and the hot out. For the dad who needs to carry 20 lbs of ice or 14 cans of cold frosty goodness in an extreme environment that might mimic a grizzly bear, the Roadie 20 from Yeti is just the ticket.

yt45tf_newYeti Tundra 45 Cooler
For those times when you need a little more storage for your cold items, the Tundra 45 from Yeti provides a 26 can capacity or holds up to 35 pounds of ice. It features the same rugged, bear proof design as the Roadie in a slightly larger package. Marine-grade rope handles with foam grips give you an easy and comfortable way to carry the fully loaded cooler and its compact size ensures it will take up minimal room. An included dry goods basket fits inside to keep your items from getting soggy in melting ice. Heavy-duty insulation and a gasket mean that ice will last for days and a large drain plug makes it easy to drain water without having to empty the cooler. It has a 9.4 gallon storage capacity so it is roomy enough for several days worth of food in camp, or to hold all of your fish on your boat to keep them fresh.

Extreme BeamExtremeBeam Tac 24 SR3 Flashlight
Built for Search and Rescue in mind, and outperforming Lights at well over 1200 Lumens, The ExtremeBeam TAC24 SR3 Tactical Search and Rescue Light is one of the most powerful waterproof 6.6 oz. tactical lights ever produced in the history of gun mountable lighting. The TAC24 SR3 features ExtremeBeam’s –Tri-Mode operation capability allowing up to 12 hours of low-power operation or up to 7 hours of high-power operation. The low mode allows for skin color analysis when used for rescue and first aid use. Additionally, the TAC24’s Patent-Pending Anti-Recoil Pin Technology, and an array of Anti-Recoil remote switches allow for use both on weaponry and on off-road vehicle-mounting. The TAC24’s white hot, tune-focusable beam shoots out an amazing 370 Meters and can quickly be adjusted from pin-point narrow to wide-spread. Designed with extreme brightness, battery efficiency and high-density durability as its key features, the TAC24 redefines the meaning of durable precision optics and efficient functionality. With three modes of operation, high, low, and disorienting strobe, the TAC 24 SR3 is ideal for home defense, mounted to a shotgun or rifle. It also is rugged enough to withstand being tossed under the seats of the truck for general use, and its CR123 batteries will be ready to go, even 10 years down the road.

Case TrapperCase Blue Bone Trapper Pocketknife
Odds are that dad gave you your first pocketknife. If you are anything like me, you carved a forest of sticks into splinters with that first knife. Why not give dad a keepsake knife that looks good, feels good, but also will be a tool he can cherish for years of hard use? Case is legendary for heirloom pocketknives; tools that get passed down for generations of hard use, day in and day out.  Using the highest quality steels, heat-treated to an exacting formula, Case knives are known for taking and holding a super sharp edge. The trapper line from Case features both a clip and a spey blade, making it a versatile tool for a variety of common uses. The blue bone scales with polished stainless bolsters, make this an attractive gift. The XX trademark of a Case knife means this gift will be around for years and is sure to be passed back down for generations. Made in the USA, this is the perfect gift for any dad, whether he works in an office or a construction site.

1thermacelllantern-2314b9af61874737b1deb7e547841831Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Lantern
Whether sitting out under the stars chewing the fat, or extending that bank time into a few final casts for that perfect trout, the Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Lantern provides safe battery powered light and chases those pesky bugs away. Featuring eight battery powered LEDs for hundreds of hours of light, the lantern casts a soft and diffused light that is excellent for campsites and backyard gatherings. The integrated Thermacell cartridges and pads erect a 225 square foot wall of scent free insect DMT-New-Magna-Guide-Kitrepelling power that chases away mosquitoes, black flies and dozens of other pests that can spoil your time in the outdoors.

DMT Diamond Diafold Magna-Guide Knife Sharpening Kit
Utilizing precision angle adjustment coupled with the ability to use portable DMT Diafold sharpeners, the Magna-Guide Kit gives you the benefit of both a bench sharpening system and a portable field sharpener for touch-ups in a single kit. The Diafold sharpeners are excellent stand-alone tools for a quick blade touch-up in a portable pocket sized package. Containing two different grits and folding handles on each unit, the Diafold can be quickly tossed into a pack or pocket for fast sharpening anywhere. The Magna-Guide system provides DMTs trademark angle guide and rod sharpening system by using a magnet to hold the Diafold sharpener in place at the perfect angle to achieve razor sharp perfection from any blade. Simply clamp the blade in the angle guide, attach the Diafold sharpener with the appropriate grit facing the blade, and slide the rod into the correct angle hole. Make a few strokes on each side of the blade and then quickly swap grits to achieve the perfect edge, each and every time. The Magna-Guide Kit comes with two Diafold sharpeners for a total of four grits from coarse to XX Fine to re-edge your blade and then polish it to a smooth and razor sharp edge. Whether putting a carving edge on your favorite kitchen knife, a working edge on your favorite pocketknife, the Magna-Guide kit will help you achieve the ideal cutting edge on all of your knives and tools.

SOG-B66-L-rw-70495-85265SOG PowerAssist Multi-tool
The new PowerAssist takes multi-tools to a new level. This is the first in the world to house not just one but two SOG Assisted Technology blades. Start to open the main blades, which are available when the main tool is closed, and S.A.T. takes over to complete opening. When not in use, these blades lock closed using their patent pending side release. Flip open the tool and experience the precision of the heavy-duty plier capability and large wire cutters. Smooth handle surfaces promote comfort on even the toughest jobs. Also includes Compound Leverage, gear covers, heavy duty bushnell-g-forceconstruction, V-Cutter, built-in crimpers and matte black finish for low reflectivity.

Bushnell G-Force ARC 1300 Rangefinder
Good shooting depends on a variety of factors and knowing the distance to target is one of the biggest keys to accuracy. The Bushnell G-Force ARC 1300 is loaded with features at a price that is available to everyone.

The feature-rich device is packaged in a rubberized armor case that makes it a dependable workhorse for whatever abuse you can throw at it. The textured rubber coating makes it easy to grip in all kinds of weather and with heavy gloves.

Coated optics and 6-times magnification ensure you will be able to get an accurate hold on your target and won’t fog up in the cold.

A BAK-4 roof prism and multicoated lenses offer crystal clear viewing of your target in low light, as well as exceptional clarity in a variety of conditions.

Whether you are hunting with a rifle or a bow, the G-Force is the rangefinder for you. It has both rifle and archery modes with ranges of between 5 to 1,300 yards and is accurate within half a yard from between 5-125 yards in increments of 1/10th of a yard and within one yard up to 1,300 yards.

A wide field of view shows you 393 feet at 1,000 yards so you can see your target and what is around it as well as easily acquire your target against a cluttered background.

The G-Force doesn’t just provide distance to target, but also includes Bushnell’s Variable Sight In (VSI) mode to provide distance, angle compensation with ARC and bullet drop data in MOA, inches, centimeters, or mils. BullsEye, Brush, and Scan modes allow you to easily pick out your target in all kinds of terrain and environments. This feature will help you look through tall grass or brush to pinpoint your target with minimal interference with objects in the foreground or environmental factors such as rain or fog.

Ten different rifle modes correspond with ballistic data available on Bushnell’s website so you can select the proper ballistic and bullet drop and angle compensation data for your specific load.

The Extreme Speed Precision (ESP) Turboprocessor makes this one of the fastest and most accurate laser rangefinders for the price.

The G-Force ARC 1300 also includes a tripod mount for improved stability. It is available in either black or Realtree AP camo. It is a bit heavier than some other rangefinders on the market, weighing in at eight ounces, but that additional weight is the price you pay for the rubberized all metal housing and rugged dependability. The unit is easy to use and comes with an easy to read intuitive interface that provides a wide range of options without information overload.

I particularly like how compact the unit is, compared to some others with comparable features. It is just 3 inches high, 3.5 inches long, and around an inch wide, so it takes up less space in my pack, pouch, or pocket. It also comes with a well-made nylon carrying case with a built in belt slide loop and a carabineer for clipping it to web attachment points available on most field backpacks.