By Michael Deming

Winner, winner, winner! That seemed to be a common phrase around the office this last month. Browning guns, Beretta guns, DoubleTap ammunition, Outdoor Edge knives and much more. The weekly giveaway process has really ramped up and will continue throughout the year. Those of you who are long time readers are well aware of all the giveaways we do, but I know that over fifty percent of the customers reading this issue of Sportsman’s News Magazine are first time readers or only pick it up on occasion, so we want to make sure everyone knows how to get their shot at some of these great guns and gear. The easiest way is to register for our Digital Edition of Sportsman’s News Magazine. What this means is that you will get a digital copy of this exact publication delivered to your email inbox the first week of every month. We are trying to do our part at saving as many trees as possible and when we print 140,000 copies every month, we know we are doing some damage. If only ten percent of you would choose the digital version, we could make a difference. We don’t want to discontinue the printed versions because we know that many of you just like to hold it in your hand. It also makes it into camps, where those digital devices just won’t work and for these reasons, we will always have the printed versions available for you at the stores. To entice you even more, we have added some great writers and columns which are only found in the Digital Edition.

The cherry on top is all of the guns and gear that we have to give away. Some of our great advertisers have provided us with some of their very best products, which we are giving away each and every month. We are giving away a box of DoubleTap ammunition, an Outdoor Edge Razorlite knife and a Sportsman’s News Television DVD full year of episodes each and every week. Throughout the month we are giving away some of those Browning guns, Beretta guns, H&K guns and even some Sitka gear. One of the really big giveaway items coming up is going to be a world class fishing trip to Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge in Saskatchewan, Canada in 2015 with the Sportsman’s News team. You will start seeing major promotions about this upcoming trip with our platinum approved outfitter in the next few months. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to get your chance at some of these quality prizes. If you’ve already registered, don’t worry, you are already in the drawings and you can win multiple times. If you haven’t registered yet, on the right side of the home page, you will see the link to register. It’s simple and the rewards are great. Everyone’s a winner because of the quality information and deals you get with every issue of Sportsman’s News Magazine.

I want to remind all of our readers about our Platinum Approved Outfitter program while I have your attention. These are outfitters we have personally visited and we would highly recommend booking a trip with them. After ten years of doing this, we have looked into over 300 different outfitters and only endorse about 20 percent of them. This tells you that there are more bad then good outfitters out there. We do this for a living and know the right questions to ask. Our network of referrals is much better than the list of five or ten that the outfitter has pre-screened for you to call. So, next time you are looking to head somewhere for a trip, pick a Platinum Approved Outfitter. A complete list is on our website under endorsed outfitters. My team is also very happy to talk with you personally and plug you into an experience that will be a great one that will provide a lifetime of wonderful memories. Let us help you make the right decisions. Send inquiries to or call us at our office 435-865-1680.