Many areas have placed burning restrictions and prohibited campfires. One way to enjoy your campfire without the danger of burning wood is to use a propane fire ring. Camp Chef has three portable fire rings to extend your outdoor enjoyment.

SPX_1112Compact Fire Ring
The Compact Fire Ring is the most portable of all of the propane fire pits from Camp Chef. It comes with a high output burner, capable of 55,000 BTUs. Each fire pit includes lava rocks to help disperse heat evenly. The Compact Fire Ring stands 7 inches high and folds down to 4 inches for transport. The ring is 15 inches in diameter and comes with a regulator and a 5-foot hose for your propane tank, 12 pounds of lava rocks, a cooking grate, two extendable roasting sticks, and a carrying case.

Redwood Fire Portable Fire Pit
The Redwood also features a 55,000 BTU burner but in a larger and more stylish frame. The 19-inch diameter powder coated heavy steel ring features pine tree cutouts and stands 13 inches high. A nickel coated safety ring helps keep fingers and toes out of the fire. An adjustable self igniting knob lets you set the flame output right where you want it for cooking or the feel of a roaring campfire. The Redwood comes with 4 extendable cooking sticks, carrying case, 12 pounds of lava rocks, a 5-foot hose and regulator, a propane tank base, and a cooking grate.

Del Rio Fire Pit
The beautiful Del Rio Fire Pit features a 55,000 BTU burner in an ornate steel cage with a copper fire bowl.  The Del Rio stands 11 inches high and 29 inches in diameter with a 24-inch diameter bowl.  It includes a self-igniting adjustable knob, 24 pounds of lava rocks, nylon cover, 5-foot hose and regulator, 4 extendable roasting sticks, cooking grate, and a propane tank stabilizing ring. The Del Rio was awarded the prestigious Consumer Digest Best Buy Award.
For the feel of a campfire without the hassle or danger of wood, any one of these fire pits from Camp Chef will keep you warm with the clean smokeless power of propane. Check them out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store.