If money were no object, most people would seriously consider putting a Nightforce scope on every one of their rifles. They are known for their toughness, quality glass, and functionality, which is why some of our special elite military units have them mounted on their rifles. A visit to their website at www.nightforceoptics.com will show you just how tough these scopes can be. One combat active scope took a bullet intended for one of our soldiers’ right through the erector tube with a complete pass through. Most scopes would have been rendered useless and put the soldiers’ life on the line, but the Nightforce continued to function. It was locked onto maximum power, but still finished the mission.

It isn’t likely that many of us are going need to worry about our scope taking a bullet for us, but its’ good to know what kind of craftsmanship goes into this brand. They are extremely overbuilt, but with the pricetag to go with it.

The new Nightforce SHV 4-14X56 riflescope delivers a scope that is still top quality, but a fraction of the cost. You would think they would have cut some major corners to get the prices of this unit down so much, but that wasn’t the case. The ShooterHunterVarminter (SHV) scope isn’t going to see combat action, so it doesn’t need to be overbuilt to the level of the NXS series rifle scopes. They have limited some options, reduced the complexity of the manufacturing process and used simpler controls to get the price down. It has ¼ MOA, 10 MOA per turn adjustments underneath the caps, but the clicks are very pronounced as is with all Nightforce scopes and response to adjustment is just as precise.

The 4-14×56 SHV riflescope is 14.8 inches long and has either the IHR (International Hunting Reticle) or MOAR (Minute Of Angle Reticle), available in illuminated or non-illuminated models. The scope is still on the heavy side weighing it at 26.9 ounces for the non-illuminated model and 28.5 for the illuminated model, but the high quality glass makes it worth the few extra ounces. The 30mm tube and the 56mm objective combined with all the coatings, make this scope a light transmitting dream, which worked extremely well even beyond low light. It has 100 MOA of elevation adjustment and 70 MOA for windage, more than enough for most types of shooting.

This is definitely a quality scope which I would expect to have a higher pricetag than it does, because it outperforms many scopes which cost significantly more money.