Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics for more than 65 years, has been producing Bushnell® Elite® riflescopes for decades. Elite riflescopes have earned a well-deserved reputation as the brightest, clearest, most durable line of riflescopes available in the world at any price. Elite Riflescopes are precision instruments constructed of the finest materials and assembled by highly skilled craftsmen for a lifetime of trouble-free use under the most demanding conditions.

The high-quality optics and long-lasting performance consumers have come to expect from the Elite series of products is now available in an Elite Limited Edition 3-9x 40mm riflescope and there are many key features that make the Elite Limited Edition special.

Let’s first start with the optics. Thanks to fully multi-coated optics (denoting that all air-to-glass surfaces inside and out are coated with multiple layers of micro-thin, anti-reflective, permanently bonded magnesium fluoride), the Elite Limited Edition riflescope delivers nearly 90 percent light transmission for a clear, crisp sight picture, which means you will gather more light and be able to clearly see your intended target when it matters most.

The more technically minded hunting/shooting enthusiast might be thinking at this point, “but aren’t nearly all high end optics fully multi-coated”? True enough, but Bushnell goes a step further with their exclusive Ultra Wide Band coating process. The UWB process means that the multiple layers of lens coatings are applied in a way that is custom optimized for every lens element in the optical path based on its shape and position, in order to allow the maximum possible amount of light entering the objective (front) lens to reach the eyepiece, without being reflected or absorbed along the way. The result? Optimum brightness and enhanced color accuracy across the entire spectrum, without any significant peaks or dips in the visible wavelengths (colors) of light, causing some colors to appear stronger or weaker than others. The image seen through an Elite scope with the Ultra Wide Band coating process is not “warm” or “cool”, but simply neutral, so the target you are viewing looks just like it does in real life, with magnification. The colors are not “reinterpreted” as they might be through lesser optics.

Now let’s get onto the external and internal construction. Each riflescope is precisely machined from a high strength, one-piece aircraft-grade anodized aluminum alloy tube, featuring low profile turrets with fingertip adjustable (no screwdriver or coin required) ¼ audible-click resettable windage and elevation control dials. The Elite Limited Edition easily withstands the recoil impact generated by firing one thousand rounds of .375 H&H ammo and returns to zero with reliable consistency even after that kind of punishment.

The Elite Limited Edition riflescope also features a slim line power-change ring for quick and easy magnification adjustments as well as a Fast Focus Eyepiece, which was designed to provide precise and convenient fast focus, without the need to stop and unlock a focus ring first- just grab it and turn. To get the most out of your fast focus eyepiece, simply look at a distant object for several seconds without using your scope. Then shift your vision quickly looking though the scope at a plain background. Turn the fast-focus eyepiece clockwise or counter clockwise until the reticle pattern is sharp and clear.

One of the most unique features of the Elite Limited Edition scopes is its side focus adjustment knob. Traditionally, scopes in this power range are provided with a “fixed focus” at a range selected by the manufacturer, typically 100 yards for a 3-9X 40 scopes. Side parallax adjustment allows the user to obtain a crystal clear, parallax free target image at ranges as close as 10 yards all the way out to infinity. An additional advantage of a side parallax adjustment is that it allows our engineers to design a much shorter and lighter weight scope. Also, because of its location within easy reach of the shooter’s left hand, the side parallax adjustment knob is much easier to see and maneuver in comparison to scopes with a parallax adjustment ring located out near the objective lens. Having a side focus knob on the 3-9x 40 Elite Limited Edition is unique and allows a great deal of flexibility as it could be used on rifles ranging from .22 Rimfire up to the largest magnum calibers, ensuring a sharp, parallax free image regardless of the distance from the target.

Another interesting detail worth mentioning about the Limited Edition Elite riflescope is that the scale (index marks) on the elevation and windage adjustment dials appear on the sides of the adjustment turrets, rather than their typical location on the top surface of the turret. This makes them conveniently easy to see and read for reference when dialing in your holdover amount or returning to a click setting that you originally had your scope set to when it was first zeroed in at the range.

Protective screw-on caps are naturally included to cover the adjustment dials, keeping out dirt and other contaminants as well as preventing any accidental change in your settings after you’ve spent time and bullets sighting in your Elite scope.

In addition to providing optical excellence in a compact design, the Elite Limited Edition riflescope is engineered to withstand the rigors of shooting sports and whatever Mother Nature throws its way. Every Bushnell Elite riflescope is 100 percent waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. The O-ring seals and tight construction tolerances ensure that these scopes will withstand not just “a little rain”, but complete submersion in a body of water while retaining complete integrity with no entry of moisture or dust into the interior of the scope. And the optics are protected against internal fogging by nitrogen purging.

Elite riflescopes go through a manufacturing process in which the internal air is purged (forced out through a valve) and replaced by nitrogen gas, to help any potential build up of moisture. The inert (neutral) nitrogen makes the interior of the scope resistant to rapid, extreme changes in temperature and moisture retention, thereby providing anti-fogging properties.

But what about the external lens surfaces, you may ask? All of the Elite optics are protected with Bushnell’s exclusive, patented RainGuard® HD coating. Has your scope ever fogged on a cold day because you accidently breathed on your eyepiece? Have you ever hunted on a cold, wet day and found it almost impossible to keep the outside of your scope from fogging? RainGuard® HD will help prevent these problems. This technology gives you a significant improvement in brightness and light transmission and provides unequaled clarity in the worst conditions. RainGuard® HD is the first coating to protect your riflescope against external fogging.

You have no doubt experienced the water droplets that can form when a scope’s lens (or any untreated glass surface) is exposed to rain, sleet, fog, snow-or even just your own breath on a cold day if you get close enough to the eyepiece. RainGuard® HD is an extremely effective special water repellant or “hydrophobic” coating on which condensation forms in much smaller droplets than on standard coatings- any water on its surface beads up “high and tight” rather than forming wide, flat “puddles” as it would without RainGuard® HD. These smaller droplets scatter much less light than the larger droplets on other coatings. This results in a much clearer and more useable sight picture. Additionally, water sheets off RainGuard® HD much more readily than a standard coating, since it creates a totally smooth, unbroken surface at a microscopic level of detail. For the first time, the hunter will not miss the shot-of-a-lifetime because excess moisture was fogging up the glass on the outside of his scope, blocking the view at a critical moment.

A significant distinction to note about the RainGuard® HD coating is that it does not have to be re-applied, as aftermarket “lens treatment” brush-on chemicals do. It is an extremely durable, scratch-resistant, permanent coating that will give you a lifetime of service. It is simple to care for. To maintain the original performance, just keep the lenses clean by first blowing away any dirt and dust. Fingerprints and lubricants can be wiped off with lens tissue or a soft, clean cotton cloth moistened with lens cleaning fluid.

The Elite Limited Edition 3-9x 40 riflescope covers the most popular magnification range for deer and other general hunting applications (from 3x to 9x power) and the 40mm objective diameter gives this scope an ideal balance of mounting height, weight and brightness.  This scope features Bushnell’s Multi-X® reticle, a traditional single-plex aiming design. The rustproof, virtually scratchproof matte black finish will beautifully compliment even the most expensive firearm.

As with all Elite optics, any owner of the Limited Edition 3-9x 40 riflescope is covered by Bushnell’s Lifetime Limited Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship for the life of the product, ensuring the fast repair or replacement of his Elite scope- no receipt or warranty card is required.

Lastly, Bushnell believes that you, the consumer, should make the final call on product performance. That’s why we offer our exclusive Bulletproof 100% Money Back Guarantee (the best in the business) on selected Bushnell products, including this Elite riflescope. If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with this scope, return it to Bushnell— no questions asked- for a full refund of the purchase price. Try one yourself today with absolutely no risk.