By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

The guys at Arctic ice, who brought you the amazing Arctic Ice Alaskan and Tundra series cold panels, have really hit a home run with the introduction of their new Chiilin’ Brew panels.

Designed specifically to keep beer at the coldest possible temperature without freezing it, these reusable panels will quickly bring your suds to the perfect drinking temperature and keep them there for extended periods of time.

We placed four Chiilin’ Brew panels in a Grizzly 45 Qt. cooler in the 80 degree direct sun. In the cooler we placed a six-pack of bottled beer and a 12 pack of soda. The beer was already cold, but the soda was at room temperature. Within an hour, the soda was cold enough to drink and within two hours both the beer and soda were the same temperature, 31 degrees. Since water freezes at 32 degrees, we expected the cans to freeze up, but the Chiilin’ Brew holds the perfect temperature to account for the difference in the freezing temperature of water and that of beer and soda. We left the cooler in the direct sun for 36 hours and opened it hourly to simulate the average person or family opening and closing the cooler to get beverages. The Chillin’ Brew managed to hold the drinks at this perfect temperature the entire time.

The secret to Chillin Brew’s effectiveness is sealed plastic containers filled with a natural substance made of agricultural feedstocks. We believe it is really some kind of magical unicorn blood, but the guys at Arctic Ice aren’t revealing their secret potion. The key thing to keep in mind is that because the substance is natural, it is safe should one of the armor plated bullet-proof containers ever manage to leak into your cooler.

Here is how the guys at Arctic Ice explain the process, “Take off your beer goggles for a minute and put on your laboratory goggles as we break down our renewable technology and take you through Arctic Ice 101. This stuff isn’t rocket science, but it’s close. Arctic Ice phase change material (PCM), which is derived from agricultural feedstocks, is a break-through thermal energy storage (TES) material that takes advantage of available ambient energy. Arctic Ice absorbs large amounts of energy from the sun, car engines, night time air, and nearly any other source of uncaptured energy, and then releases that thermal energy later when it is required. It has over 200 different transition temperature options with a temperature range of -40 °F to 300 °F, which is applicable to nearly any industry in the world. Pretty cool (or hot), right?

In Chillin’ Brew panels, the PCM’s change phases at the temperature right before your beer would freeze, which is our little secret. Therefore, they change phases just a tenth of a degree before that in order to maintain the coldest temperature possible. Our Arctic Ice material manipulates the temperature of your beer to constantly remain even colder than ice. In fact, our wicked smart engineering team has specifically designed Chillin’ Brew panels to produce the coldest beer in the entire world! Whew, you passed Arctic Ice 101. You deserve a beer for sitting through that!”

What I really appreciated was the ability to keep everything ice-cold without any of the sogginess of ice. Because the frozen liquid is contained inside a plastic case, it never melts all over my sandwiches and doesn’t make a soggy mess out of my cardboard six-pack carrier.

The best part is that these panels can be refrozen in a few hours, depending upon which of the four sizes you get, and be used forever. No more buying ice, no more warm beer or soda, and no more soggy food and drink packaging. Now that is some witchcraft I can get behind.