light-hikers-allBy Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Whether trekking through the high Rockies in search of bighorn sheep or strolling along a gentle trail in Zion National Park, the Bridger Ridge hiking boots from Kenetrek will protect your feet and provide years worth of comfort.

These boots are my daily footwear. I wear them for kicking around the office, conducting search and rescue mountaineering operations, and for every kind of hike you can imagine. They are as equally comfortable and supportive on flat pavement as they are on hardscrabble slides.

For those of you familiar only with Kenetrek Mountain Boots, the Bridger Ridge line is a much lighter weight, only 2.6 pounds per pair, and more breathable set of boots. They are designed for warm weather excursions, where additional insulation isn’t needed. The Bridger Ridge boots allow for excellent breathability and an extremely comfortable footbed. Added support, provided by the “K” ankle straps, give the boots added structure without added bulk. This keeps the foot firmly planted to avoid hot spots and blisters. It has also saved me from rolling an ankle a time or two.

The hybrid leather and manmade upper is coffee or gray colored with orange accents, giving the boot a modern appeal. The tough rubber toe guard is also sprayed for texture, providing more durability and better traction when climbing.

The collar of the boot that surrounds your ankle is padded all around with extra padding in the places where it will make the most contact with your skin. This makes the boot extremely comfortable to wear for long periods and also increases the support without cutting off circulation.

The Bridger Ridge Hikers come in three configurations; low, mid, and high, so depending upon your preference and activities, you can get a pair that will fit the bill.

The most important factor for me in selecting these boots is break-in period. I hate breaking in new boots, and with the Bridger Ridge, I didn’t have to. They came out of the box ready to hit the trail. And as with all Kenetrek boots, I know they will last me for thousands of miles of wear. Their rugged construction and dependability mean that just around the time I would be replacing a lesser pair of boots, my Kenetreks will be just getting worn in to the point where they will be even more comfortable, as if that were even possible. You will pay a bit more for a pair of Kenetreks, but in the long run, you will save several times over by not replacing your boots as frequently.

And did I mention they are really comfortable? Well, you get the idea.