Finding a snack for an energy boost on the trail that won’t melt or crumble in your pocket can be a challenge.

PGA golfer Boo Weekley has taken his favorite recipes of jerky and sunflower seeds and made them available for the Sportsman’s Warehouse customer.

His Favorite Recipe Beef Jerky provides a boost of protein in the form of smoky high quality cuts of beef prepared old fashioned style, like you might do at home on your own smoker.

This flavorful treat contains Boo’s secret blend of spices to offer a delicious and tangy beef treat, without the preservatives, nitrates, erythorbates, and MSG that you will find in other brands of jerky.

Packaged in RealTree camo with hunter orange accents, this snack is geared for the hunter or anyone who needs a boost of energy. And since the number-one complaint of consumers has been that jerky sticks in their teeth, each package of Boo’s Favorite Recipe Beef Jerky comes with plastic toothpicks to help solve that problem.

For those who like even more jaw work than jerky can provide, Boo has also created three flavors of sunflower seeds. Packaged in plastic spice jars, they won’t come open in your pack and will stay free of trail dust and pocket lint.

The most interesting flavor of seeds in Boo’s collection are the Beer Baked Sunflower Seeds. Tasting just like a beer, these seeds are coated in a beer flavored extract that might just help hold you over until you can get back to deer camp for your favorite frosty adult beverage.

The Salt and Pepper seeds give you a dash of seasoning while accenting the natural flavor of the seeds without overpowering them.

The Hot Wings seeds give you the flavor of your favorite wing joint’s original Buffalo wings and have a good bit of kick to them for those who like spicier foods.

All of these snacks are trail stable and ready to eat, with no preparation than cracking open the seeds. Make sure you give Boo’s snacks a try on your next outing.