The Sportsman’s News team has been a big fan of the ExtremeBeam family of lights for quite some time now. The technology this company has at its fingertips makes all of their lights some of the most competitive in their class. ExtremeBeam is one of the few companies who actually own their own factory which means they have pride in the product being output and it isn’t just another widget being pushed out the door. What is even better for the average consumer is that the price to performance ratio on the ExtremeBeam products is second to none. They have the ability to put out products that perform better and at a much lower price than the competitors.

The OSR-800 Headlamp is one such example of their quality craftsmanship. This compact little dynamo weighs in at 3.9 ounces when fully loaded with three AAA batteries. The light itself protrudes out of the front of the main body and looks a little awkward when you are viewing it in the store. However, this head has similar characteristics of their higher end flashlights and allows the user to focus the beam. The telescoping lens provides for a laser focus providing a beam that will reach out past 500 feet and makes the most out of this 180 lumen light. The wider beam is ideal for working around camp. There are four different settings on this and all are controlled by a single button switch on the top of the housing, which can easily be felt without needing to remove the unit from your head. The highest mode will give you that huge beam and will give you about 8 hours of run time on three new batteries. The low mode or hike mode is plenty of light for walking at night and will provide you with 24 hours of run time. The strobe or S.O.S. mode is ideal for emergency situations and flashes on and off repeatedly for approximately 10 hours. The OFF mode is the last of the 4 settings.

One unique thing about this light is the hike back feature which automatically dims the light when the batteries are getting low. This allows you to get back to safety without being totally out of light.

We packed a couple of these lights during the summer and the early part of archery season this year and they have performed flawlessly. The hinge on the housing allows you to rotate the light to the perfect angle for any of your work and the telescoping lens proved to be a big help when tracking wounded animals. One common problem found with many headlamps is that the power button gets pushed while in your pack. The power button requires significant and intentional pressure to activate the power and we had no problems with the unit coming on while in the pack. We found on a few forums where the strap was reported as being too small for adults, but we didn’t find this to be the case so this problem has been corrected.

Overall, this light is very simple and basic, but packs a lot of punch. Manufacture suggested retail price is $35.95, but it is less at Sportsman’s Warehouse. So, it is one of the best values on the market and has proven to be very tough.