By Collin Dalley

This summer gave me a new appreciation for the term “adventure, thanks to the addition of the Suzuki KingQuad 750.  If the great outdoors is your workplace or playground, as it is in my life, then you must see for yourself why this quad holds the title of “The King.” Suzuki started making ATV’s over three decades ago and have progressivly advanced their machinery with greater quality each year. Thanks to Suzuki, this year has brought us their latest KingQuad 750. The power in this ATV is consistent and provides a quick acceleration that’s perfect for the adventurous rider who wants a responsive machine for all types of trail riding.

You can cover a lot of ground with the gas tank being able to hold up to 4.6 gallons, giving you peace of mind on longer trips.

With a full gas tank this quad weighs in at just over 600 pounds and has a length of 83.3 inches, and is 47.6 inches wide. The KingQuad 750 is a 4 stroke with a fuel-injected 722cc liquid-cooled engine that’s loaded with accessories and available in the following colors: green, red, matte gray, and True Timber camouflage.

The electronic starter is simple. Just roll it out of the truck at your destination, switch the key on, pull the brake in, push the green start button, and you’re off!

It’s smooth ride is equipped with a high, low, and reverse gearing, along with  convenient handlebar-mounted push-button controls that allow the rider to easily select between 2WD, 4WD and a differential-lock 4WD to get the right setting for any traction condition that Mother Nature can send your way.

The high gear provides a quick throttle response with great acceleration; the low gearing provides ample torque that’s ideal for climbing hills and steep descents.

The engine brake system is one of the best I’ve seen, allowing me to descend very steep terrain and minimize free-wheeling to reduce downhill speed.

With a lot of ATV’s I’ve ridden in the past, I have had to keep the RPM’s up by accelerating to activate the engine braking system but, that was not the case with the King Quad 750. During one of my deer hunts I decided to do some field testing on the engine braking system by shifting into the low gear at the top of a hill and released the brake lever, thinking I would start to roll. I was surprised I needed to accelerate to actually go downhill; once the machine started moving, I let off the throttle and was amazed at the slow speed I could maintain; even accelerated a few times to keep moving. Making the steep downhill slope an effortless task. The engine braking system allowed me to maintain complete control while descending downhill and not depend on my brakes to slow me down and risk my tires loosing traction and possibly causing me to skid downhill. Needless to say this is a tremendous tool to be equipped with on an ATV.

For those looking for an ATV to use around the farm or just need to get some work done in the field. The low gearing provides lots of torque and power for your heavy loads, while the high gearing has more than enough torque and acceleration to give you a wide range of gearing for all your day-to-day needs.

Our test model was equipped with power steering and if you haven’t tried it, you’re working too hard. This almost effortless steering will allow a hunter to easily maneuver your machine when it comes time to pack out an elk or access those remote areas. The steering and overall feel is well balanced and handles everything from tight turns to steep hills and side hills with ease.

The very first time testing it, I took it for a rocky trail ride and was impressed with the way it maneuvered and the high ground clearance as it crawled over large rocks and bumps with great traction and a smooth ride.

I’ve been using the KingQuad 750 all season for multiple hunting trips and have no complaints with its performance. I especially appreciated the smooth dual disk braking system that helps give you confidence while traveling at high speeds and in low light conditions. The dual disk brakes respond instantly with a smooth, safe and steady halt; giving you the braking power needed to safely avoid obstacles in your path.

I have traveled over 200 miles of rugged terrain with this KingQuad and the stock tires are still in great shape, providing the same traction as the first day of test-driving.

One of the most important factors while riding an ATV is visibility. The KingQuad will brightly light your path of travel at night with its halogen headlights. Choose from the different multi-lighting options of the low beam or high beam, along with an additional 40W multi-reflector, handlebar-mounted auxiliary light, acting as a second level of lighting to help brighten your path with every direction turned.

Overall, the Suzuki KingQuad has more than enough power with an extremely smooth ride and ground clearance to help you reach your destination safely. The front and back cargo racks have plenty of room for adding accessories such has a gun holder, hunting packs and or storage bags. It also comes with a small space for dry storage on the right side front fender that easily opens or closes by twisting the lid on or off.  This is where I have been storing small accessories for emergencies, extra gloves, bungee cords, first aid materials and even a can of juice and protein bars for longer trips.

Now with all off road machinery, the more you know about yours the better. This goes along with reading and following all of the proper maintenance and safety instructions. Suzuki is a trusted manufacture, which cares greatly for the safety and satisfaction of their customers. They plainly state the precautions, proper operation, and maintenance to follow while using and owning these ATV’s in their owner’s manual. In-fact Suzuki confidently states on their website that they are even willing to pay for proper training if needed so, if you or someone you know has not had the joy of handling such machines, Suzuki makes it possible to be properly trained to safely enjoy your ATV. Call their toll free number for further details at 1-800-852-5344.

I’ve been more than impressed with the reliability, performance, power, and comfort of the Suzuki KingQuad 750. And that is why I endorse this as my go-to machine for all of my hunting needs.

Make sure you check out their website at to get all the details or stop by your local Suzuki dealer today and check out the KingQuad for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!