Zeiss Victory SF

ZEISS introduces the new VICTORY SF binoculars as the perfect complement to the VICTORY line of products. Next to the VICTORY HT, specialized for dusk viewing, the VICTORY SF is the ultimate observation binoculars. Offering the most brilliant images, the lightest weight, the widest fields of view available and perfect ergonomics, it is ideal for all types of observation. Introducing an entirely new product design with a triple-link bridge and an unbeatable range of features, the ZEISS VICTORY SF is setting new standards in optical performance and ergonomics.

The core of the new ZEISS VICTORY SF is the Ultra-FL lens, designed to achieve new levels of resolution, brilliance and color reproduction. ZEISS developed a new, highly innovative optical system with two fluoride lenses made of SCHOTT glass. The result is a spectacular and previously unimagined viewing experience full of brilliance and intricate details.

At the same time, the binoculars weigh in at just 27.5 ounces – an extraordinarily light weight for the optical performance. This allows for hours of fatigue-free viewing with the highest possible optical quality. In addition to this radical reduction in weight, the ZEISS VICTORY SF also introduces a world premiere: the ErgoBalance Concept. Unlike classic binoculars, the balance point of the optical system is shifted further towards the back. The binoculars move towards the eye automatically and rest there for extended periods of comfortable viewing. This is a product benefit that people definitely notice when using the VICTORY SF in the field.

The newly developed seven-lens eyepiece with ZEISS field flattener technology creates an extremely sharp picture with extremely wide fields of view. As such, the VICTORY SF 10×42 with 360’ and VICTORY SF 8×42 with 444’ at a distance of 1000 yards are unmatched in their classes. In fact, the new 8×42 SF has almost the same field of view as the legendary ZEISS 7×42 Dialyt, an original favorite worldwide. The Comfort View field flattener insures sharpness to the edge, without uncomfortable distortions. As such, the VICTORY SF offers a far greater field of view than the competition.

In contrast to the traditional double-link bridge, the mechanics of the new ZEISS VICTORY SF focus system were moved to the large bridge above the focusing wheel. The focusing wheel is shifted forward, so that the focus finger does not have to stretch backward to reach the knob. There is also enough space for a gloved hand in cold weather. This new arrangement of the focusing wheel allows the hand to hold the binoculars in a relaxed position for hours of fatigue-free viewing. The newly developed anti-slip tread on the focusing wheel improves the grip for quick focusing – even in wet conditions.

ZEISS integrated its Smart Focus concept in its VICTORY SF binoculars. Competing binoculars require the focusing wheel to be turned 2.5 times in order to switch from the close focus to the maximum observation distance. The VICTORY SF only requires the wheel to be turned 1.8 times, a distance that is 39% shorter. This makes it possible to focus more quickly and accurately – an ideal feature for fans of hunting, birding and nature observation.

The binoculars include a newly developed protective case for transport. The multifunctional clam-shell case makes it possible to carry the binoculars while zipped shut, with or without the neck strap. This is advantageous in rough terrain. In addition, the magnetic closure keeps the binoculars at ready, making them easy to use at a moment’s notice. Finally, you can use the binocular straps directly on the case to carry the strapless binoculars on your chest. The elegantly streamlined, yet highly functional design of the case allows for comfortable wearing in the field with shoulder straps or belt loops.

ZEISS Victory SF 10x42The VICTORY SF 42 is unique in the world’s market for this combination of product advantages. The prices lie in a very moderate range for its class leading performance: The 8×42 SF is priced at $2,889, and the 10×42 SF is priced at $2,945. The binoculars are manufactured at the Wetzlar production site: “Made in Germany” with traditional German craftsmanship.
The new VICTORY SF binoculars round off the range of the VICTORY line.

Rediscover the world of birdwatching with the ZEISS VICTORY SF. You can experience every pleasure nature has to offer thanks to brilliant optics and an unparalleled natural wide-angle field of view. Thanks to its light weight, unique ergonomic design and dynamic quick-focus feature, the VICTORY SF allows for hours of relaxing viewing. The VICTORY SF is the new benchmark for hunting, birding, and wildlife viewing in the 125-year development of ZEISS binoculars.

The VICTORY SF binoculars are the ideal complement to the ZEISS VICTORY line, especially the VICTORY RF and VICTORY HT models. The successful VICTORY HT models with lens diameters of 42 and 54 are ideal for observation during late hours and into the night – thanks to the unrivaled brightness of the HT optical concept with 95% light transmission rates.

The ZEISS VICTORY SF is a revolutionary all-round model perfect for all other types of outdoor observation. It stands for brilliance, the lightest weight in its class, widest fields of view and ideal ergonomics.

Key Points

  • Brilliant visual experience: Newly developed Ultra-FL lens
    The newly developed, highly innovative Ultra-FL lens system provides outstanding image quality. The light transmission rate of 92% gives you the edge at dusk or on dark days. Two lenses containing fluoride made from the highest quality SCHOTT glass ensures even better color reproduction.. This innovative optical concept allows you to rediscover hunting, birding, and wildlife viewing
  • Comfort View: Unparalleled wide-angle field of view
    The VICTORY SF gives you the greatest natural viewing experience. A seven-lens eyepiece with high-transmission elements and field flatteners ensures sharp focus all the way to the edges Thanks to the extremely large wide-angle field of view, you will find what you’re looking for far more quickly and reliably than ever before. The 10×42 VICTORY SF with its 360’ (at a distance of 1000 yards) and the 8×42 VICTORY SF with its 444’ offer top values. A close focus range of 4.5’ allows you to watch wildlife confidently and without hesitation – even in thick vegetation.
  • Comfortable discoveries: The lightest weight in its class
    The light weight and exceptional ErgoBalance-Concept allows viewers to become one with their binoculars and surroundings. The ZEISS VICTORY SF features lightweight materials and a unique non-slip product armor design for ergonomic comfort that is truly unparalleled. Weighing in at just 27.5 ounces, it is the lightest in its class – and allows for many hours of fatigue-free viewing. The VICTORY SF takes a considerable amount of weight off the neck and shoulders.
  • Smart Focus: Fast and precise
    We think that intuitive means more than just “simple”. More than anything, it means fast. Being able to use binoculars quickly and easily is essential in birding as you try to focus on rapidly moving objects at varying distances. The outstanding SMART FOCUS concept allows you to respond as quickly and intuitively as if the binoculars were your seventh sense. Once you’ve tried the VICTORY SF, you’ll never want to go without them.
  • Observation without fatigue: ErgoBalance-Concept
    Another advantage of the ErgoBalance-Concept is the shift in balance point of the binoculars back toward the eyepieces, which makes them feel much lighter to use. What once seemed heavy is very light, allowing for hours of fatigue-free viewing.
  • Top quality workmanship: Made for the outdoors.
    In addition to its extraordinary optical performance, you will be immediately impressed by the design and workmanship of the ZEISS VICTORY SF binoculars. Durability and excellent production quality are requirements for all ZEISS Sports Optics products – standard features, not extras. This means that you can enjoy many, many years of wildlife experiences first hand, even in the toughest conditions. Only the best survives.

graphModel Overview

You can choose between two different ZEISS VICTORY SF models.

    With a field of view of 444’ / 1000 yards, the 8x magnification offers the widest, most natural view and leaves nothing hidden. The seven-lens eyepiece delivers extremely sharp focus all the way to the edges. The moderate magnification, balanced weight distribution and ergonomic grip make these binoculars easy to hold for hours of relaxing viewing. A transmission rate of 92% and large exit pupil measuring over 5 mm reveal the details in dark shadows or the dim light of dusk.
    The 360’ / 1000 yards field of view with 10x magnification is like a dream come true for enthusiasts. The close range of 4.5’ allows for an impressive, larger-than-life views – as if you could reach out and touch them. The weight distribution and ergonomic grip makes for comfortable, calm observation, even at 10x magnification.


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