Tillamook JerkyBy Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

When people think of beef jerky, they often are thinking of tough, salty, leathery, over-dried beef that would have been worthy of the early pioneers. That is not what you get with Tillamook Country Smoker jerky.

Tillamook uses the finest cuts of beef to create a tender, moist, and succulent jerky that is more like eating a steak than gnawing on shoe leather. It is easy to chew, and bursting with flavor.

Because it is minimally processed, and smoked with real natural wood, it is free of nitrites and MSG, which can make those sensitive to these chemicals ill. The meat is also trimmed to remove 97 percent of the fat, and it contains no gluten. It is even seasoned with sea salt to provide a natural savory flavor. Their jerky is all-natural with no artificial flavors and no preservatives added.

Tillamook offers their jerky in Natural and Soft & Tender styles. The Natural style is so tender, you may not realize that you are not eating the more tender version. They also offer a Hunter’s Sausage Stick.  These 13-inch beef sticks are bursting with flavor. They do contain MSG and nitrites, but are gluten free, low in fat, and smoked with real wood.

Tillamook jerky comes in a large variety of flavors, which include smokey teriyaki, smoked jalapeno, sweet and hot, sea salt and pepper, honey glazed, old fashioned, and many more, as well as a cranberry turkey jerky that is like a Thanksgiving meal in a single bite.

Tillamook Country Smoker tends to run toward the sweeter end of the sweet-savory spectrum, so if you like your jerky a bit on the sweeter side, this is a great choice for you.

And with Tillamook, you never have to wonder where your jerky is coming from. It is all made right here in the USA in Bay City, Oregon much the same way as it has been for the past 50 years.

So the next time you hit the trail, grab a package of some of the most tender jerky we have ever tasted and know that you are making a healthy choice and supporting a great American company at the same time.