I have a limited edition print of this painting hanging in my living room and it is a daily reminder to me of the sacrifice of those who have served this nation. On this day, set aside to remember those who are serving or who have served, I ask you to take a moment and share a word of thanks to our brave men and women who have worn the uniform of our armed services. To all of the Sailors, Coast-guardsmen (and women) Soldiers, Airmen (and women) and Marines, I offer my sincere thanks for your service to our country. Semper Fi!

About the Painting: The painting is titled Reflections and was done by artist Lee Teter as a tribute to Vietnam veterans. “It was the strangest thing,” Teter said of the moment the image crystallized in his mind, well before the first brush had been dipped into paint. “When I thought of the picture, the hair raised on the back of my neck. I felt it then, and I felt it the whole time I painted it. I knew it would be powerful.”

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