While it looks like a flashlight and lantern, the Torch 250 from GoalZero is so much more. It is actually a portable rechargeable power supply that includes a solar panel with a hand crank and also features lighting.

Holding enough power to recharge electronics multiple times, the Torch 250 is a USB power hub for phones, tablets, GPS devices and anything that can be recharged via USB with a 1.5 amp, 7.5 watt USB plug to handle even high draw devices.

The Torch can be pre-charged using the built-in USB cable or can be charged on the go with the internal solar panel or hand crank. It contains rechargeable and reliable lithium-ion batteries for multiple charges and minimal drain due to cold weather.

717TDjBds7L._SL1500_It is rugged and water resistant, so it can be used in any kind of conditions. The 180-lumen spotlight and 70-lumen area light provide up to 48 hours of continuous light on a full charge. And the durable 4000K Cree LED bulbs will burn for thousands of hours. It even includes red emergency lights to save eyestrain at night and signal for help. The spotlight and floodlight have both bright and power-saving dim modes and the red lights have on and flashing modes. All of the lights can be used alone or in combination with the other lights.

The Torch 250 is small and compact, weighing only 14.4 ounces and measuring just 10x35x1.75 inches, so it will be a welcomed addition to any pack. The water resistant housing features a rubberized coating to make it easy to grip even when wet.

Since the charging cable is built-in and stows in its own groove, you never have to worry about loosing it or finding the right plug. It will always be right where you need it.

The Torch was designed by GoalZero, the leader in portable power solutions, so you can depend on it to work when needed. Whether on the trail or at home during a prolonged power outage, it will keep your portable devices charged so you can stay connected.

The Torch 250 is an ideal companion for camping, the car, boat or truck and emergency preparedness. You can rely on the ability to recharge your electronics and also count on the bright reliable lighting options. Check them out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse today.