In 2013 Outdoor Edge rolled out the Razor-Lite, their innovative new replaceable razor blade knife. This knife was quickly embraced by the outdoor community for addressing two shortcomings with other replaceable blade knives on the market – first by having stronger, more durable blades that don’t break and second when changing to a new blade, making it both safe and easy to do. The Razor-Lite quickly became the Sportsman’s News teams’ favorite knife. They are lightweight and the blaze orange handle make them extremely easy to find during those low light gutting and processing procedures. The replaceable blades are inexpensive, so we now have a razor sharp knife in hand at all times.

We did however sacrifice the gutting blade that we became so attached to with the introduction of the Flip N’ Zip series. This blade slides under the skin and opens animals up like a zipper. This gutting blade kept our other blades sharper much longer because they avoided having to cut through hair which quickly dulls any knife. During the 2013 hunting season, I carried both the Flip N’ Zip along with the Razor-Lite to fulfill all of my knife needs. The added weight was unwelcome, but having all the right tools for the job made up for this inconvenience.

New for 2014 is the introduction of the Razor-Pro which takes these two knives and combines them in one double-blade folder, a well thought out replaceable razor blade knife with Outdoor Edge’s signature gutting blade. The Razor-Pro is truly the only tool you need to gut, cape, skin and quarter any animal in North America. It comes with either a black handle with a black nylon sheath or a blaze orange handle and a Mossy Oak sheath. Each knife comes with six surgical 420 stainless steel razor blades and a quality nylon belt sheath. The razor blades are 3.5” long and can be easily replaced with the push of a button. The new blade slides into the black-oxide coated blade holder, which also provides added support for the blades. It doesn’t require the use of a pair of pliers or multi-tool to safely replace the blades as do some of the competitor’s products. The gutting blade is made of Japanese AUS-8 steel and will provide numerous gutting’s without the need of being sharpened. The rubberized TPR handle provides for a secure, non-slip grip, even when wet.  The entire knife weighs in at 3.6 ounces.