If you are looking to fish for king salmon in 2015, the staff at Sportsman’s News is pulling out their crystal ball and forecasting a banner year for both the Nushagak and Togiak Rivers.  With many of the runs throughout the state of Alaska down last year, these were just about the only two rivers that held their own and were not shut down or at least restricted in some way during the king season.  One of the indicators that point to a good run for 2015 is that there were a lot of ‘jacks’ or small, two-year-old males that entered the system last summer and this historically leads to a big run the following year.  Well, I have already made my reservations and you had better get on the phone too and give one of our Platinum Approved Outfitters a call.  I will be at the Alaska Kingfishers Camp with Rob Fuentes July 10-14 (907-843-1605) on the Nushagak and another good bet would be Larry Lund and his Togiak River Lodge on the Togiak River (503-784-7919) that I visited last summer.  Spots are filling fast, so pick up that phone right now and secure your reservations.  And of course, never hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have along the way!