By Michael Deming

Last month, we said that we would do the official launch of the Sportsman’s News Pro Membership Program in February. This is still the plan, but we will do more of a soft launch in the middle of this month rather than a full-fledged launch. As my grandfather always told me, “you only get one chance to make a good first impression” and we want to make a really good first impression with this new program. It has been ten plus years in the making and getting it right might take a few extra days, but I will guarantee you that it will be well worth the wait once we get this program to the public. This delayed hard launch is going to put a few of you that are paying attention to what is going on in a very good position to capitalize on our desire for perfection.

An example of this is with our very first trip we will be giving away. It is a trophy New Mexico elk hunt with long time Platinum Approved Outfitter, Hunt Hard – Jeff Lester. This hunt is going to include a landowner tag for one of New Mexico’s premium hunt units. The combined package of this hunt is worth over eleven thousand dollars and one heck of a way to start off this program. Ten days later, we will be giving away a trophy antelope with another one of our vetted outfitters in the northwestern corner of Colorado. This area takes nearly a dozen points for nonresidents to draw and is home to some major trophies. It will be during the heart of the rut and will be an opportunity to do some serious long range shooting. Since we want the winner to be prepared for this, we are going to equip them with a long range rifle and scope which is fully dialed in and ready to make those 500 plus yard shots.

Wild Alaska Cruises falls into our 3rd give-a-way slot. The Sportsman’s News team has been to this Platinum Approved Outfitters half a dozen times over the past dozen years and it is always nothing short of spectacular. You get to live aboard an 86’ luxury yacht for a full week, touring southeast Alaska on a very up close and personal basis. A gourmet chef cooks world class meals and Larry Larson and his team take you out to fish for all the different species of fish available in Alaska every day. While you are out fishing, the yacht relocates to another secluded bay with world class views. An entire week of this type of activity will have you overly spoiled for future fishing trips, one truly worthy of taking a spouse or friend along on. That is why we have made this trip for two, with a total cost of $10,600.

What you have seen here is the first thirty days of give-a-ways and a sneak peak at what we have in store for those of you who choose to become a Sportsman’s News Pro Member and a unique part of our family. The entire first year is a lot more of the same, but those of you who are paying attention are going to be able to enter first and will have the very best odds on these early sweepstakes. The entire first year of sweepstakes will consist of over $300,000 worth of trips, guns and gear with the best outfitters on the planet.

Our past ten years of business has given us the ability to vet these top outfitters and make sure that each trip we give away is truly a trip of a lifetime. These are trips that average blue collar, hard-working Americans could only dream about, but that isn’t going to be the case with the Sportsman’s News Pro Membership Program.

To make sure you are one of the lucky people who have a chance at one of these trips of a lifetime, visit the Sportsman’s News website at and sign up to become a regular member which will cost you nothing. Our regular members will be notified when they can upgrade to a Pro Membership when we start the soft launch process. If you are already signed up for our forum or are a subscriber to the digital edition of Sportsman’s News, you will also be notified.

Remember, “Membership Definitely Has Its Privileges”!