By Michael Deming

By the time you are reading this issue of Sportsman’s News, we will already have had one deadline pass for the Sportsman’s News Pro Membership Sweepstakes and possibly two. The drawing for the Trophy Elk Hunt in New Mexico with Jeff Lester of Hunt Hard was held on the 30th of March, but had a deadline to enter of March 20th. This hunt is a $10,000 plus hunt which includes a landowner voucher for a premium unit in New Mexico and we know this will be an epic experience. The first sweepstakes for the month of April is with Papierski’s Big Game Hunts for a trophy antelope in Colorado. This is one of the hardest to draw units in the state, which always yields some giant antelope. As if that wasn’t enough to entice those sitting on the fence, we threw in a Savage Long Range rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor and dialed it in with a Nikon Monarch 7 long range scope. The entire package is worth over $6000. However, the deadline for getting in on this sweepstakes was March 30th, 2015 and the drawing will be April 10th, 2015. Some pretty great drawings have already passed, but don’t worry, there are a lot more to be had, about $280,000 worth more. Either see the center spread in this issue of Sportsman’s News or visit sweepstakes page for a complete list of sweepstakes and deadlines over the next 12 months. We have also added the “Pro Member Update” on page 3 of this issue to show you what is coming up next. Because of the delay we have in printing the publication and getting them out to the stores, we will have a bit of a lag in announcing winners in the printed issues. We will post winners immediately after the drawings on our website as well as to our social media followers, so please like us on Facebook.

One major question we have been asked over the first month of the sweepstakes being launched is how did you come up with a price of $27 a month or $297 for the year? This was something we researched for over a year and a half while this was being developed. Since we are the first people to pursue a venture like this and not protected under the veil of a nonprofit organization, we didn’t have an open market to compare pricing. We did however look at pricing for various ticket packages being offered for raffles around the country. We found anything from $2 a ticket up to packages of tickets for $1,500. We also noted the quality of the prize packages being offered. In most cases there were less than ten percent of the prizes being offered that were truly a prize worth winning that would have an impact on someone’s life. So, we put together a prize package that would knock your socks off and we do it all year long. We provide enough tickets in each drawing (5 each) for your membership to make it less expensive than the cheapest raffle we could find. Tickets end up being $1.65 each and when you win, it is truly a trip of a lifetime or guns and gear that you won’t be looking to sell.

Everyone likes to win, but this wasn’t just about winning, although it is a pretty darn good perk. We wanted to provide some true value to our members, regardless of whether they win or not. I’ve hired some top quality writers to provide us stories on unique trips, special discounts and opportunities exclusive to members, which they get emailed to them each and every month. The SNTV DVD series is put out 8 times a year. Each episode has 4-hours of great hunting and fishing adventures. Many of them provide unique information on areas we hunt or fish as well as tips and tricks on how we do what we do. We are sending those DVDs to your house eight times a year. Want to visit one of our endorsed outfitters, but don’t want to wait until you win? Well, you also get a 5-percent discount off of your trip that you book with one of these endorsed outfitters or lodges, which in most cases equates out to more than enough savings to pay for your Pro Membership. These are just a few of the added benefits of being a Sportsman’s News Pro Member. Visit the sweepstakes page for a full list of benefits and see what exciting sweepstakes drawings are still ahead.