By Eric Christensen

One of the first thing’s I look for when shopping for a ground blind is how user friendly it is to setup.  The carrier bag comes with adjustable shoulder straps to transport your blind into your hunting area.  The Club XL blind has very easy to find nylon webbing handles to grasp and pop out a section.  The sections burst right out with little effort.  You can really feel the sections snap into the locking hubs when the poles flare out.  This makes it very convenient to move onto the next section to pull out.

There is abundant room for two adults inside The Club XL at the same time and still have leg room. I’m a little over six feet tall and I was able to stand upright and not have my head touch the roof of the blind.  I was also able to sit or kneel and draw my bow with another adult inside the blind with me. We then set up a shooting tripod for firearm or shotgun situations.  We had loads of room for a comfortable shot while the muzzle of the firearm was cloaked inside the blind.

Another great feature is the max view adjustable windows.  They give the hunter significant 360 degree mobility.  This allows you to move undetected inside the blind while getting yourself in the proper shooting position.  The SS hooks are very quiet and easy to remove, along with replaceable shoot through netting for silent opportunities. The netting also is removable for a completely unobstructed view of your target, another archery benefit if you are shooting expandable or turkey broad heads.  The versatility of the window configuration gives the user multiple choices of setup.

When we set the blind up in the direct sunlight, we were able to have the shooting window open and leave the windows behind us closed.  At even 10 yards I could not see movement of any kind inside the blind.   I find this very helpful, especially when hunting with archery equipment, allowing you to draw your bow in total darkness.  There is a convenient pouch built into the inside of the blind to house stakes that restrict the blind from movement.  This is a nice piece of thoughtful design for those of us who can overlook little details on our hunt. The Club XL by Primos also includes nylon cord so the blind can be tied down.  This is another useful feature if you’ve ever left your blind over night or been in one during heavy wind.  You will appreciate the extra support.

The Dura Matte HD fabric with Ground Swat camo is a great combination of quiet durability and versatility.  The Ground Swat camo is a great choice, giving the hunter a wide variety of landscape locations to hide in.  The fabric offers a low sheen glare to help disguise the framework of the blind.  One element that is offered with The Primos Club XL is brush deception holders on the exterior edge, so you can attach sticks and branches to maximize concealment. The Club XL is the midsize blind for the Primos ground blind line.  It’s a great choice for a variety of hunting needs. Check one out at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse or online at