The Leupold RX 1200i is a power packed rangefinder for its small size. Its design and features encompass avid bow hunters, rifle hunters and those who want maximized long range accuracy. The fully multicoated 6-power viewfinder is incredibly clear, even when the internal display is lit up with measurements. And with all this data being displayed, it doesn’t interfere with the view.

With a few clicks you can change the display brightness depending on your situation in the field. Switch the mode to BOW and the internal display will give exact measurements +/- .5 yards out to 125 yards including incline or decline shooting situations. This range finder has True Ballistic Ranging or TBR. Have you ever watched your arrow sail off target and the animal run away? Well this feature was designed with you in mind. It will eliminate trying to judge distance and elevation. If you bow hunt out of a tree stand or on extreme changes in elevation, the Leupold RX-1200i will have your back, giving you actual true horizontal distance to the target.

Users can scan moving targets effortlessly without changing modes. The RX-1200i comes with a Cordura holster case and lanyard that attaches to your belt allowing for quick access. Bouncing the laser off animals from 5-800 yards away is surprisingly easy. I was able to get fast and accurate readings of people walking a trail between 600-800 yards. Large objects like trees, houses and boulders out to the advertised 1200 yards also proved to be quite comfortable.

Leupold allows users to match their ballistic load and gives them accurate and immediate data. Tech savvy shooters will love the new features that come with the RX-1200i. Users can choose these options to enhance their firearm of choice and get quick down-range data by one click of a button, once familiar with the different settings. Choosing a mode takes a little time to get the desired shooting scenario dialed in.

I was very impressed with the Leupold RX-1200i. The amount of accurate data shooters can get within 1-second will make any one from novice to expert a better marksman. The unit has a battery meter and auto shut-off after 7-seconds to extend battery life. I recommend anyone considering this unit to practice and familiarize yourself with all the modes and you will enjoy becoming a superior crack shot.