Knowing the exact yardage to a target is essential to making a clean and humane shot.   So, you should never leave for a hunting expedition without a quality rangefinder.

The Zeiss Victory PRF has been around for several years now and always performs extremely well when we test it up against other rangefinders on the market.    The Victory is a bit larger than other rangefinders on the market and is designed to be held with two hands instead of just one making it much more stable when you are attempting to range items out past 800 yards.   The unit is 5.25” high and 3.75” wide and is just short of 11 ounces.    It is rated to range from 10 yards out to 1300 yards depending on the reflection being put out by the animal you are targeting.    We have been able to get ranges of building, cars, rocks and other highly reflective items out past 1400 yards consistently.  When we tested in real field situations on deer, we have been successful at getting yardages in the 950 range.   Even in extremely low light situations on deer sized targets, we have been able to get nearly 100% success on ranges out to 750 yards.   The 8X magnification is higher than most other units on the market and the added power is very welcome when trying to find your target.  The PRF is extremely quick to generate a yardage reading.   It is rated at up to 4-seconds to generate a number, but we have yet to see it go out past 2-seconds.

The PRF is extremely easy to use and doesn’t require a significant amount of time to figure out as we have found with many other units on the market.   Zeiss has kept this very simple.   You can set the unit to U.S. or Europe settings, which will either generate yards or meters.    It is equipped with a Ballistic Information System (BIS) which will give you the correct bullet drop depending on your setup.   Using the U.S. settings, you can choose between a 100 and a 200 yard zero and six different ballistic charts for each.   One of these is going to be very close to your current rifle setup and provide you with the range to your target and the bullet drop for your specific setup.   If you are dealing with a moving target, press and hold the range button for 3-seconds and the unit will automatically move into the scan mode and continue to provide you with yardages to your target.   Once you release the range button in either mode, it will shut off and reset.  Additionally, the PRF includes an integrated rain/snow mode that automatically “cuts through” the snow, rain and fog and gives the user the range to their solid target downfield.  This is an extremely handy feature while trying to range an animal in inclement weather.

The Zeiss Victory PRF is an extremely durable and very simple unit to utilize.    It is ideal for those hunters who are just looking for a rangefinder that is highly accurate and will work for them in all circumstances, without the need to carry and read a cheat sheet when you want it to work.  Most of all, the PRF will ensure you can make accurate and humane shots whenever you pull the trigger.