The Sage-grouse bill before Congress, which you helped pass through the House Armed Service Committee on April 29th, will be voted on this week by the entire House of Representatives. This vote will protect state-management of wildlife in 11 Western states for the next decade. Please send a message to Congress today by clicking here. Sportsmen can no longer afford to be the silent majority.

Why is this bill important to hunters? Powerful anti-hunting groups want to control the heart of elk and mule deer hunting in America. That’s why activist groups have been attempting to force federal control of wolves, Sage-grouse AND THEIR HABITAT.

Wake-up call? You bet. Eastmans’ Hunting Journal hit the nail on the head:

“[The] Endangered Species Act (ESA) is being used as a weapon to potentially destroy our hunting heritage…The sage grouse is the next piece in the puzzle for the feds and the animal rights groups to further limit our access and sport. If you look at the wolf and grizzly bear recovery area map, and overlay the proposed sage grouse recovery area you can easily see they fit together like a glove. The sage grouse habitat area will encompass most of what is thought to be some of the best mule deer habitat on the planet. Make no mistake about it, listing the sage grouse as endangered species would have disastrous affects on Western hunters and recreationalists. This “power grab” of our precious wildlife resource is nothing more than politics as usual, pure and simple.”
Did you know:

#1 Research has shown that Sage-grouse habitat and mule deer habitat overlap up to 91%?

#2 Listing of Sage-grouse and expansion of wolves threatens to open the floodgate of lawsuits by anti-use groups?

This one decision would give powerful anti-hunting groups grounds to sue on EVERY LAND USE DECISION: Herd numbers…Seasons…Access…Even your ability to hunt abundant herds of wildlife in your own backyard.

Do you trust out-of-state activists with the future of our outdoor heritage?

Here is how you can help:

· Please send a message to Congress today in support of our hunting heritage: Take Action

· Help spread the word by forwarding this email to other sportsmen, ranchers, friends and neighbors. Encourage them to send a message today.

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Whether or not you live in Sage-grouse country, this decision will become a dangerous precedent for state wildlife management for the future.

Thank you for taking action to protect our outdoor heritage.

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