Camp Chef has been bringing high quality outdoor gear to market for 25 years. Regardless of whether you are cooking for a group of a 100 in your back yard, tailgating, or just a family camping trip, Camp Chef has everything you need to make your cooking experience the best possible.

We love this company and all the products they bring to market because we know they won’t release anything until it is truly the best it can be. We were extremely happy to see Camp Chef release the new lightweight and packable Stryker stoves and accessories. We spend well over 100 days a year in the extreme backcountry where weight is an issue and a hot meal always a welcomed sight. So, knowing we would have a top quality backcountry stove that we could depend on for years is well embraced.

The Stryker will be available in two models for the 2015 year. One model burns isobutane, and the other model burns propane. This now gives outdoorsmen the option of using disposable propane canisters, which are available nearly everywhere. Using this fuel source with a lightweight camp stove is ideal when you are hanging out around base camp and just need an extra burner to keep the coffee warm while you cook on the big stove or just want an emergency stove to stick behind the seat of your truck. When you decide to hit the backcountry, the propane tank will be plenty to get you through a week of dehydrated foods. The isobutane model uses the small canisters, which is ideal for backcountry camper who is worried about every gram of weight.

The Stryker stove comes complete with a tri-legged stand, burner with matchless ignition, and an insulated 1.3 liter pot. Components pack tightly inside the insulated pot making it very small and lightweight at only 8.3 ounces (not including fuel). A mesh carry bag is included for convenience and storage.

To reduce cooking time and fuel consumption, the Stryker is designed with Heat Ring technology that increases heat efficiency by 30%. The Heat Ring creates a larger surface area that effectively captures and transfers heat for a rapid boil. It takes just two minutes to boil a half liter of water.

There are several cooking accessories you will want to have with your setup. These accessories include a 1.5 liter tea pot with Heat Ring technology and a pot/pan set. Folding handles and lightweight material make it easy for packing into the backcountry. These accessories are sold separately, but are a great addition to your backcountry kit. They will work well with the Mountain Series of other Camp Chef stoves you are probably already using back at base camp.