Having a recharger that is not dependent on the sun to keep your portable electronics running, is lightweight, compact, portable and will work anywhere there is a heat source just became a reality.


The FlameStower works by placing its aluminum blade in any radiant heat and generates electricity to directly power your USB chargeable electronic device. The temperature difference between the flame and the water in the silicone bath create electrical power to charge a phone.

Just insert the blade into the coals of your fire or over the flame from your stove, fill the collapsible high-temperature grade silicone tower with water to create a temperature gradient and plug in your device or storage battery.

The FlameStower will begin generating 5 volts of electricity, an average 2.5-watts and a maximum of 3-watts of power almost immediately.

The heat resistant cable will transfer energy away from the heat source into your storage battery or device. Just like any other standard USB charging source, the FlameStower will generate two and a half minutes worth of talk time on a cell phone for every minute of charging time.

The FlameStower features a folding aluminum stand that allows the charging blade to be adjusted for height. When not in use, it folds down to 7.75″ x 2.25″ x 1″ and weighs just 10 ounces. Toss it in your pack and any time you have fire, you have a way to charge your GPS, camera, phone, radios or any device that charges via a USB port, even on a cloudy day.

Not only is the FlameStower a great companion for hikers and backpackers, it is also piece of mind for emergency preparedness, allowing you to stay connected during a prolonged power outage. Because it will work day or night, even over a heat source as small as a candle, it will be able to help keep you connected when there is no other power.

Check out the FlameStower in the camping department of your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.