Swarovski is definitely a household name and usually the first name that comes up when you are talking about the best optics in the business. They are a brand you can count on year after year. New for 2015 is the launch of the Swarovski EL Range 8×42 and 10×42 binoculars.

The EL Range offers the best combination of long-range optics and ergonomic design. The master craftsmanship underlying these binoculars is proven by razor-sharp images combined with precise range and angle measurement, as well as their perfectly balanced weight, allowing you to hold them steady. This great new model provides all the same great benefits of the standard EL binoculars and more.

The improvements to the new EL Range start with the development of the FieldPro package. The new easy-to-use rotating strap connector with a cord adapts perfectly to any movement using a bayonet catch that enables you to fit and switch the carrying strap and accessories quickly and silently. The redefined pressure point of the new, distinctive measurement button, helps measure the range accurately and comfortably even for extremely distanced targets. The EL Range has an internal angle-compensating program which displays the corrected shooting distance based on the angle and distance of the shot. Once activated, the actual straight-line distance to the target is displayed and just below that, the corrected shooting distance is also displayed. This is the perfect system when combined with a ballistic turret or etched reticle. The new objective lens and eyepiece covers securely attach, while blending into the overall design of the body of the EL Range better. The result of a more slip resistant design is that it allows easier use of the focusing wheel and diopter adjusting rings. Maximum stability is now achievable due to the rounded fins and additional thumb depressions, allowing longer observation time with less fatigue to the user.

The EL Range continues to be extremely lightweight and ergonomic, respectively, being the lightest in their class. The EL Range, with its integrated electronics, has a large field of view and impressive light transmission. The SWAROAIM technology allows measurements of key parameters such as angle and range to target as well as the corrected shooting distance.

Having both a top quality set of binoculars and an angle compensating range finder all in one package allows the user to eliminate multiple pieces of gear, saving weight and bulkiness. As a guide, being able to keep the target in view and constantly rattle off yardage to the target could be the difference in failure and success.