By Michael Deming

The printed issue, as well as the digital only edition of this August issue, have some things we are very excited about. Every issue we have is always packed with gear reviews, outfitter evaluations and other “how to” types of articles. We always have some of the very best writers and professionals in the industry, who truly do what they write about. Many of you don’t know, but many articles in this field are ghost written. That’s right, the names that you know and trust don’t always write the articles you read in many of the outdoor publications. We know why they do it and we know it is done, but we don’t agree with the policy nor will we ever endorse it here at Sportsman’s News. So, if we don’t have a great professional on staff or contracted, we will just drop that column from our pages until we find one to pick up the slack.

My good friend and archery professional Shane Chuning moved to Colorado a couple of years ago. He had written our archery column for several years at the time and is a wealth of information. There isn’t a bow he can’t tune and once he is done with your bow, you will become a better shooter from the very first shot. He was always able to translate these “how to” types of articles perfectly for the reader. However, getting settled into Colorado and building on his new business base left little time to write for us. This left a huge void in our writing staff which has went unfilled. Fortunately for all of our readers and dedicated archers, Shane Chuning is moving back to Cedar City, Utah and will once again be a big part of our staff here at Sportsman’s News. We will be working on a full schedule of articles in 2016 for which Shane will tackle and be a monthly contributor. I was able to get him to tackle the archery roundup article for this August issue. We got some of the new and best bows from the manufactures selling at Sportsman’s Warehouse. We put them in Shane’s hands and let him do his magic. Each bow was tuned perfectly and put to the test of the best I’ve ever seen with a bow. If you are in the market for a bow or just thinking that it might be something you would enjoy, don’t miss this great review.

In our digital edition is what we hope is the beginning of a long term working relationship with Dennis Dunn. He is the author of the book ‘Barebow!.’ He is one of the few who have taken the North American 29 with a bow and arrow. Dennis has taken this quest a step further in the fact that he has done it without the use of a sight, peep, release or anything which would tip the odds in his favor. I’ve had the pleasure of reading about a great deal of his pursuits and he is the real deal. As you can imagine, he has had a great deal of failures as well as successes and isn’t afraid to share them with his readers. In a society where the pros seldom show or talk about their failures, it is a welcome read to see someone like Dennis embrace the hunt and the adventure itself instead of just the trophy. Between now and the end of the year, we will have a column from Dennis. Each column will be the full experience of one of his great adventures. These are only available through our digital subscription which is “Free” at so make sure you log on and sign up to catch each of these great articles as well as other digital edition only articles.

The Pro Member Sweepstakes is in its’ sixth month and we have given away over $80,000 worth of trips, guns, and gear. Since each membership is for a full year, there is $300,000 worth still up for grabs. We are getting calls from some great outfitters who want to be part of this program going forward, so we know we have developed something special. We are in the process of vetting more of these business and will continue adding the best of the best trips to our sweepstakes. If you haven’t heard about it already, please look at the sweepstakes under the membership menu about this month’s giveaways as well as our most current winners.  Also listed are the rules and details on how you can become a Sportsman’s News Pro Member and get your chances to win one or more of the great prize packages.