The power of handheld navigation has come to your mobile device thanks to the DeLorme Earthmate Mobile App. Utilizing DeLorme’s state of the art mapping and navigation technologies, Earthmate lets you download detailed maps for all 50 states directly to your mobile device. So long as your mobile device has an active GPS feature, Earthmate will allow you to determine your current location, navigate a route or to a waypoint, track your progress, set and manage waypoints, and even utilize the built-in compass. You can also plan your entire trip ahead of time online and save all your trips with the unlimited cloud storage.

The app works on an annual subscription, and the cost is an initial $29.99 for the first year and a $14.95 renewal each year after. This gives you access to all of these features on your handheld device, as well as additional features available on the DeLorme website at
The service includes unlimited, cacheable map downloads and storage on the cloud. Maps include North America Topo Maps, Public Lands, and U.S. NOAA Charts, so it can be used on land or at sea.

packaging-insideThe online website lets you plan your adventures and then sync them to your handheld device. Once the data has been input into your phone or tablet, you can use it in the field, even without Wi-Fi or cellular access. When you return to civilization, any data you entered into your device in the field, will automatically sync with the cloud when you have a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

The application has the ability to create a MapShare page that you can send to friends and family so they can track your progress as you move in and out of cellular range.

packaging-outsideIf the Earthmate App is paired with an inReach satellite communicator, you will have the ability to use the GPS tracking, which will automatically update your location in near real time via satellite, even when you are not in Wi-Fi or cellular range. It will also give you access via the Iridium satellite network to DeLorme’s global emergency rescue monitoring service and SOS features, as well as two-way texting capabilities. For users who purchase Earthmate by itself and later add an inReach Explorer, DeLorme is offering a special airtime credit towards your first month of service.

By itself, Earthmate is a robust navigation platform for your smartphone or tablet, with detailed maps and trip planning. With the addition of an inReach device, the Earthmate Mobile app gives you live communication and SOS capabilities anywhere in the world with 100% global satellite coverage. Check out all of the DeLorme navigation and satellite communication products available at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse gift bar and see which one is the right fit for you.