By Michael Deming

The Sportsman’s News Pro Member Sweepstakes is in its’ 6th month and it is a very exciting time for us here at Sportsman’s News. We developed this Publisher’s Clearing House-style giveaway for the outdoorsmen and women of the world over the past couple of years. We officially launched it early this spring and as I sit down to write this column, we have given away just over $120,000 worth of trips, guns and gear. We do a drawing every ten days for a major prize and then give away several bonus prizes as well. With just under 400 members, the odds for some of these great trips are way better than nearly any big game drawing one applies for. I personally know about each and every one of these trips because they are the very best trips we have experienced here at Sportsman’s News over the past eleven years. We booked the very best dates available two years in advance for the winners to experience these trips of a lifetime. So, it is very exciting for us to know what these lucky winners are in for.

A few of our winners have already been on some of these trips and have had tremendous results. You will soon start to see some teaser videos on our website about their exciting adventures as well as the full feature show on the SNTV DVD series. Some of these folks are experiencing a trip that was completely out of their realm of possibilities without the Pro Member Sweepstakes. All the members tell us how exciting it is to be able to see a new drawing every ten days.

One of our winners just arrived back from a Brown Bear Hunt with Renfro’s Alaskan Adventures.  At the end of his 10-day trip, he still hadn’t pulled the trigger on a bear. Wade Renfro extended Mr.

Steele’s trip and several days later, he was able to put his tag on a true trophy of a lifetime. That wouldn’t happen with a lot of outfitters, but this is a perfect example of the quality of outfitters we work with and we work with them because they put people before profit and truly care about the clients. All of the trips we are giving away with our Pro Membership Sweepstakes are with outfitters just like Wade. Sometimes hunting is just hunting and things don’t always work out, but a great outfitter will always do their best to make things happen and these are who we are affiliated with for all of our endorsed outfitters.

In the late summer of 2016, we will be giving away a Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Sonora Mexico with one of our Platinum Approved Outfitters, WRO Mexico. One lucky winner is going to get the opportunity to hunt one of the most sought after sheep species in North America in January of 2017. So, if you become a Sportsman’s News Pro Member right now, you will be in on that drawing August 10th of 2016 as well as 35 other drawings. We gave away a Dall Sheep hunt this year, so for those sheep fanatics and those of you that would like to be, but just can’t afford it, the Pro Member Sweepstakes is an inexpensive way to get another shot at a sheep or two each year. You can see a complete list of all the winners as well as trips, guns and gear to be given away over the next 12 months by looking at the membership tab on the Sportsman’s News website. Your membership is for one full year from the day you enter.

We have made sure there are a lot of additional perks for our members on top of getting five tickets in each drawing for a full year. Each member gets an annual subscription to Sportsman’s News Magazine as well as all eight SNTV DVD’s we produce throughout the year. Both of these are mailed to your house. We also pay for you to have a digital subscription to Eastmans’ Hunting Journal and Bowhunting Journal as well as three states of drawing notifications to When you book a trip with one of our Platinum Approved Outfitters, you will be given a 5% discount off of their trip. This savings alone will likely cover the cost of your membership. These benefits and more are available to our members, so  become a Pro Member today.  You just might be a winner.