Diamond Machining Technologies has been providing outdoorsmen and women with tools to stay sharp in the field for 40 years.

Twenty years ago, DMT introduced the Double-sided Diafold Sharpener.

The Double-sided Diafold provides two different grit sharpening surfaces for fixing a bad edge or just polishing it to re-sharpen the cutting surface.

Featuring clear folding handles that also protect the diamond grit sharpening surfaces, the Diafold offers portable sharpening in the field or at home.

The Diafold Double-sided Sharpener is available in four different sharpening combinations; Coarse/Extra Coarse, Fine/Coarse, Extra Fine/Fine or Extra-Extra Fine/Extra Fine. Each hone is color coded, and the clear handles make it easy to quickly identify each combination at a glance. The familiar polka dot pattern in the hone surface identifies the sharpener as a DMT product, but also prevents the sharpener from clogging with fine metal shavings, that reduce the effectiveness of a hone.

In addition to its innovative design, the diamonds used in all of DMT’s products are more consistent in size and are more evenly distributed across the sharpening surface. They also use more diamond per square inch than their competitors, making their hones the most effective on the market. Because they use precision machined steel plates engineered to exacting flatness as the base of their sharpeners, each hone provides precise edging on any blade, and the heavier concentration of diamond reduces the number of strokes needed to touch up your blade. The use of diamond and the polka dot pattern make it so the hones can be cleaned with just soap and water, and oil is not necessary to provide a clean edge each and every time.

You can use the DMT Double-Sided Diafold by itself, or attach it to the Magna-Guide Kit for precise angle-guided sharpening with each stroke.

DMT provides a variety of knife sharpening products to meet your specific application. From a quick touch up in the field to a major overhaul on the bench, DMT has a sharpening system that will provide a razor sharp edge quickly and easily.

Like all DMT products, the Double-Sided Diafold is proudly Made in the USA and features the DMT Difference: superior diamond coverage and uniformity combined with unrivaled flatness. DMT sharpeners feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry and a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size, and they are engineered to be the flattest sharpeners on the market. Simply put, DMT’s premium sharpeners are best-in-class products with undeniable long-lasting value. For a quality razor edge, there is no substitute for the quality of DMT Sharpeners.