Have you ever hiked to the next canyon or over the next mountain top and glassed up a trophy animal only to have too little glassing power to effectively see what the animal wore for head gear? These times can make for a difficult decision on whether to pursue or back off. Leupold’s Gold Ring spotting scope can help you determine trophy status with a few turns of the focus and magnification ring.

Leupold has been defining high quality optics for over 100 years and places major emphasis on quality and performance. The Gold Ring uses a unique mirror system to transfer light effectively through the scope to the viewer’s eye. The Folding Light Path compresses the light and transfers it in a body only half the length of a typical spotting scope. The frame of the scope is a light magnesium alloy to make it extremely lightweight, yet a very formidable frame for strength and integrity. The size and weight of the Gold Ring spotting scope makes this an ideal scope to take with you up the hill to cover more ground.

The lenses are treated with a Diamond Coat 2 Ion Assisted Process to give exceptional light transmission but also delivers a higher level of abrasion resistance. I really like this type coating so I can be worry free when throwing the scope in my pack and hiking up the trail. The long eye relief combined with the rubber eye piece makes it very comfortable for long periods of time behind the glass. The magnification ring has excellent grip to allow for smooth transition between the ranges of power.

Leupold purges their scope with nitrogen and the scope is 100 percent waterproof. Leupold engineers also developed Extended Twilight for their lenses. This means that when the light changes from bright to dim, the colors our eyes see better, which is the green spectrum, start to disappear. The blue and violet light take over and our eyes are somewhat handicapped to see very well. The Extended Twilight system helps your eyes see these colors and in return you will be able to glass earlier and later in the day. For die-hards like me who love to search for animals, this system is a must. I can’t tell you how many times I have found trophy animals breaking the tree line at the last minute of light. Having quality optics to verify if it’s a worthy animal to chase can make for a sleepless night.