Today’s innovations and technology are constantly improving to meet hunting and shooting demands.  Shooting over 500 yards is slowly becoming standard practice.  The older equipment was effective, but required lots of practice behind the firearm and a high level of skill to pull off an accurate shot at long range. Today’s firearms are deadly accurate out to 1000 yards and further.  Nikon’s Monarch series is one of the best choices in their class for optic clarity and performance.

The Monarch 5 4-20×50 ED rifle scope includes Nikons Advanced BDC reticle.  Learning to properly use and take advantage of the technology built into the Advanced BDC reticle will help you become a consistent and more accurate shooter.  The various aiming points built into the BDC reticle can be used with Nikons Spot On Ballistic Match Technology, to give exact aiming points at various yardages.  Spot On allows users to match their ballistics with the Advanced BDC reticle and they will know the distance for each glass etched marking before they pull the trigger.  The Advanced BDC glass etched reticle now includes windage markers, giving users a solid aim point when trying to judge wind drift.  This system will help take the guesswork out of figuring elevation and bullet drop, depending on your caliber of choice.  Nikon also offers a Spot On app for you to develop a deadly accurate firearm.

Extra Low Dispersion or ED glass combines two lenses of different optical characteristics to correct chromatic aberrations. This combination will deliver a crisp, clear image so you can pin point your reticle on the intended target. MONARCH Eye Box technology delivers a massive ocular lens for a maximum, high resolution sight picture and also gives user a long eye relief for heavy recoil magnum calibers.  The lenses are fully multi-coated to provide a bright, clear color image.  The Monarch 5 is nitrogen filled and comes with sealed rings, which helps the scope become fog proof, waterproof and shockproof.   These may seem like standard features, but in dense moisture, you will notice a significant difference from older scopes that fog up, making your intended target nothing but a blur when trying to find it in your scope.

The windage and elevation turrets use 1/8 MOA adjustments for sighting-in the rifle scope.  The turrets have a spring-loaded instant zero-reset, which allows you to zero your scope and then just lift the adjustment knob, rotate the knob to the zero marking and re-engage the knob.  Nikon also improved the Monarch 5 by giving the tube an easier mounting space.  The 1-inch tube can be mounted to virtually any rifle, including the longer magnum calibers.

The Monarch 5 comes with a lifetime warranty and Nikons ‘No Fault’ policy.  The ‘No Fault’ policy is your security blanket and reassurance that Nikon will stand behind their scope.  If you send in your scope for repair, Nikon will repair it or replace it for free.