One passion my family shares is finding our way to the mountains to enjoy a break from the grind. I love sitting around the fire and watching my kids cook marshmallows and tin-foil dinners. We enjoy the beauty and weather that summer camping trips offer us. But, along with this little slice of heaven, the great outdoors can also bring with it those irritating bugs that share the mountain space. I hate having to spray smelly bug spray on clothing to keep the pesky insects at bay.

SP657 packagedSawyer has developed some insect fighting products that will make your next trip outdoors more comfortable. Odorless Permethrin insect repellent is designed to spray on clothing and gear and will last more than one trip. It is ideal for many applications other than camping. With my job, I’m constantly in the hills scouting, camping or hunting all year. I already have too many things to remember to bring with me on these trips, especially on a family camping trip, making sure the kids have all of their belongings as well as my own. Usually, we camp by lakes and creeks where some of these bugs are rampant. It seems like bug spray is always forgotten until it’s too late. With Sawyer’s Permethrin, I can spray all my kids clothing and it will last through most of our summer trips without them complaining of the smell from traditional bug sprays.

The synthetic ingredient not only repels, but kills ticks, chiggers, mites and mosquitos just to name a few. I’ve had to dig a tick once out of my leg while on a pack trip. Having to do this really made me appreciate products like this a lot more. Early season scouting is when most of these problematic insects are active. There really is nothing more irritating than trying to film a big bull up close, trying to remain still, while mosquitos attack my back through my light summer clothing. And, most ticks wait on game trails to find a host to attach themselves to. Well obviously, hunting is many miles of hiking game trails for access where the animals are.

SP657To use Sawyers Permethrin insect repellent, simply spray it on your clothing and let dry for two hours. This single application will last up to six washes and up to 42 days in direct sunlight on your gear. The Permethrin is odorless and will not stain or damage clothing, fabrics, plastics, finished surfaces or any of your gear. I like to spray everything I can whether I’m camping, fishing, scouting or hunting. You can even spray your tent or canopy around camp to develop a wall of protection. The 12-ounce bottle will treat one outfit, which they define as a shirt, pants and socks with two applications. Sawyer recommends that you treat your clothing and gear outside and to avoid getting the Permethrin on your skin or eyes. Do yourself a favor and try some on your next outdoor adventure.