SIG is a very well-known name in the outdoor community and with a great reputation for building top of the line products for the avid outdoors person. They have taken the same approach that has made them so successful and developed their Electro-Optics division, which has a complete line of optics.

The KILO2000 Rangefinder is one of their first offerings and during our testing, it delivered on all claims and is truly a top of the line rangefinder, at an affordable price.

The 7x25mm monocular style rangefinder touts a 2000 yard range ability – yes, over a mile! We consistently got ranges on reflective targets like rocks out past 2800 yards. The processor on this unit is extremely fast, taking on four measurements per second in scan mode. Because of this high speed processor, the unit had to be governed down to the four measurements per second, so that the human eye could read the display, according to Andy York, President of the Optics Division.

This compact rangefinder is complex on the inside, but very basic and easy to setup and understand for the user. It will provide you distance measurements in either yards or meters and will provide you both line of sight (LOS) measurements or angle modified range (AMR). Line of sight is the actual distance to the target and angle modified range takes the up or downhill angle into consideration, telling you what distance to shoot for, which is ideal for those of you shooting a custom turret or etched reticle scope. It is accurate to .5-yards out to 500 yards, 1-yard from 500 to 1000 and 2-yards beyond 1000 yards. It ranges all the way down to 5-yards without doing any internal adjustments, making it ideal for the person who shoots both archery and long range rifle.

The LUMATIC OLED display comes preset to automatic when you get the unit, which has 20 different light intensity levels. A small ambient light sensor is located in the objective of the rangefinder, which will adjust the intensity of the light to match the situation – bright for those middle of the day uses and low for the twilight times, when a bright setting might blow your night vision out. The intensity levels can be set manually, but we found no need to use them because the auto setting was spot on. It comes with a diopter adjustment to get you a crisp focus and a hefty 6mm eye relief adjustment to accommodate those wearing glasses. It operates on one CR2 Lithium battery.