There is no question that Swarovski is at the top of nearly everyone’s list when looking to purchase a spotting scope. This brand is brought up in every optics conversation and for good reason. They are innovators in the industry and have made all optics step up their game to keep up. This is exactly the case with the ATX/STX spotting scope line.

This modular spotting scope setup allows you to tailor your spotter to your desired setup and be ready to go in a flash. When you are spotting from the truck and off of a window mount, who doesn’t want the biggest objective and the most magnification possible? You are usually looking several miles away and the truck can carry just about any load, so weight isn’t an issue. The 95mm objective and the 30-70 eyepiece in either straight or angled is the perfect setup for this type of situation. However, when you find that trophy of a lifetime to go after, this isn’t the setup you want in your pack. The modular system allows you to pull off the heavy duty, 95mm objective and stick on a compact and lightweight, 65mm objective for your trek up the mountain. This is a piece which needs to be purchased separately, but is much cheaper than buying an entirely different spotting scope.

The different variations to this setup are abundant. The ATX/STX refers to either an angled eyepiece of the module or a straight. The objective side of the module comes in three different versions. The 95mm objective is my absolute favorite and something which is always in my truck. This big glass setup gives you a 30-70 magnification. If you use the 85mm objective or the 65mm objective modules, your magnification is going to be 25-60. You can truly mix and match to have the best setup for all situations.

All of these modules have the best that Swarovski has to offer. Each one has SWAROVISION, which is field flattened lenses, which provide an unbelievable depth, even at extremely long ranges. The fluoride HD lenses provide the most vivid color you can imagine. Everything in these optics provide a top-shelf viewing experience and if you like taking photos through your scope, Swarovski has adapters specific to your SLR, which allows you to use your top of the line camera and the ATS/STX modular spotter as your high power lens. It is truly the last spotting scope you will ever need to purchase.