Living in southern Utah gives me access to some of the most sought after hiking destinations in the world. It is a great place to take your family to view some of nature’s most beautiful landscapes. But, when you have kids that are just a bit too young to hike on their own, it can be a major headache to attempt such a task as a nature hike. I was able to test out a backpack from Deuter this fall called the Kid Comfort 2. I have 1 ½-year-old twin boys, so I was anxious to toss them in the pack and head down the trail.

DT_SportsmensAd_KidComfort2_HorizThe Kid Comfort 2 was surprisingly easy to adjust to my children. A side-entry access allows users to position the child much easier, rather than trying to get busy legs aligned correctly from a top entry pack. A 5-point harness system keeps the child securely and comfortably in place while hiking. One feature I really liked was the feet straps for the child. It held my boys’ feet from kicking me or getting caught in the design of the Kid Comfort 2. It helped my little boys ride less strained, as they could push against the straps on their feet instead of fighting the movement of the hike. A removable chin pad is also a little innovation that was well thought out. It allows you to wash it and keep in clean for the next trip or child. The chin pad seemed to be very comfortable for my boys, as they fell asleep on the pad and were content to rest on it. The storage compartments were ideal for storing gear you will need later, like a small jacket or snacks for the toddlers when you arrive at your destination.

With twins, my wife and I took turns utilizing the Kid Comfort 2 Pack. A super quick and easy to adjust torso system let me change the pack to fit my frame and then to my wife’s frame very efficiently. The back of the pack has air ventilation to keep perspiration down and to help regulate your body’s temperature on warmer hikes. The cushioning is well designed and I was pleasantly surprised how relaxed the Kid Comfort 2 rode on my shoulders.

Another great feature is the pivoting hip belt, which moves with your body extremely well. I could feel the pack stay more upright instead of being pulled to the side as I climbed up or down steeper terrain like traditional backpacks often do. The cradle where the child sits has a large platform, making it more comfortable for the child on longer hikes. The kickstand operates like a champ and is very wide, giving stability when setting the pack down for a break. Overall, the pack rode extremely well when I had an active child in the Kid Comfort 2. This is a great product from Deuter to keep the family enjoying the great outdoors.