By Eric Christensen

I have recently had the opportunity to shoot firearms more consistently, particularly long range shooting. Coming more from an archery background, I knew keeping your firearm clean after you shoot was optimal and important for storage. I had no idea how important the fouling’s and powder residue can change the accuracy of your shot. Walking down the cleaning isle at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse can be like trying to find a movie you want to watch. There are so many products to choose from, how do you decide which is best?

I’ve tried many different cleaners and lubricants over the years. I have come to trust Tetra Gun Care products to be one of the most effective at keeping my guns in tip top shape. As soon as I return from the range the cleaning begins, so my firearms are ready when I take them out for some shooting the next time.

Copper SolventTetra’s cleaners, like their Copper Solvent, should be the first step in the process after a day at the range. It will remove lead, plastic, carbon and copper build-up. After cleaning the bore properly, you need to treat the bore to help prevent excessive fouling. Tetra Gun Grease has fluoropolymer particulars that are so tiny they actually can get under stubborn, hard build-up to help remove it. You can actually see this process in action when you see green on your cleaning patches after running them through the barrel.

GreaseTetra’s new Powder Solvent is formulated to chow down on powder build-up and carbon fouling along with other debris caused by powder burnout. I like to soak the areas of typical powder build-up with Tetra Powder Solvent and let sit for about a minute to really soak into the build-up. Make sure to wipe off the Powder Solvent proficiently before moving to the next step. Action Blaster is then applied to the actions and bolt. I again let it sit and then wipe down the areas until I feel like the parts are clean enough to prevent any build-up from rubbing against the Synthetic Safe Action Blasteraction. This step is where some cleaners can leave you with their own residue build-up, which can attract more debris before you even take the firearm out to shoot it. You can test this out by wiping down the areas after the solvent is applied. You will notice light brown or amber coloration on your patches.

SprayThe last step before storing my gun in the safe is Tetra Gun Spray. It also has fluoropolymer in a lubrication form for gun parts. Creating friction between moving metal parts can slow your action down and wear out parts faster than normal. Preferably, the parts should a have a very thin lubricating coating to prevent any friction between them. Cleaners serve their purpose to help remove build-up or fouling, but should be removed after they have done their job. Because of their chemical make-up to break down and remove unwanted debris, it can cause your metal to rust faster if left untreated. Tetra Gun Care can absolutely help keep your firearms in the best condition possible year after year.