If you have never looked at EOTech products as something to include in your arsenal, you need to. EOTech designs their product to serve in branches of our military, special ops and law enforcement. These same products are available to the commercial hunting and shooting markets so anyone wanting a high quality, durable product can get one. I can still remember seeing a damaged EOTech sight that received an enemy bullet in combat and was still functional for one of our troops protecting our freedom.

The G33 Magnifier is designed to co-align behind a primary non-magnified sight. Users look through the 3-power magnifier at the objective window of the sight. This set-up works flawlessly for shooters who want to bring targets closer and still have the fast acquisition of an EOTech holographic sight. EOTech has recently improved this model by making it lighter (11.2oz), shorter (3.9 inches) and faster through an improved mount for quick transition from 1x to 3x.

EOTech has given the G33 a larger field of view and better focus adjustment for precise target imagery. Mounting the G33 directly behind your sight gives you many shooting options and tactical applications. The G33 features a mount that allows the user to quickly flip shift the magnifier to the side, giving users a clear view of their primary sight. Having the ability to switch magnification ranges rapidly gives your shooting setup dynamic versatility. Designed for a tactical operations, it also transitions to small game and is perfect for a day calling dogs. For Coyotes that hang up at longer ranges, the magnifier brings the target closer or a quick flip shift to the side and you have a 1x close range, quick acquisition sight.

The model 512 uses a holographic sight which lets operators use their peripheral vision. The holographic reticle is viewed through the objective window and is illuminated by a laser diode. This provides a reticle that has unlimited eye relief and will be in focus at any distance. This technology allows you to see targets faster and get target acquisition lightning fast for a shot. The 512 was developed as a military and tactical scope. But since its first retail setting, the 512 has become very popular as a varmint and predator optic, especially on small, moving targets.

Sighting in your 512 model is just like any other optic and uses a ½ MOA click per 100 yard adjustment when dialing in your reticle. There are 20 daylight settings for brightness, which gives you a personal choice, depending on target and available sunlight. The 512 holographic sight uses two AA batteries, which will give you around 1000 continuous hours (lithium) or 600 hrs (alkaline) of runtime on the nominal setting at room temperature.

Combining the G33 and 512 models makes your shooting setup a quick and versatile weapon to tackle many outdoor shooting and hunting needs. You can bet these EOTech sights will stand up to any punishment you can dish out in a tactical arena or hunting application.