By Eric Christensen

Having the opportunity to go and test out a product that will help you hunt coyotes and other predators more effectively is what I call a good day in the office. I have never really used an electronic call for any type of hunting before, so I was extremely excited to venture out and test out Primos’ Boss Dogg Electronic Call. The first thing to catch my eye were the huge dual pivoting speakers on the side of the call. I could tell this baby would put out some volume.

The unit can be controlled from 200 yards away. We were able to achieve that distance with no problem this past fall. The remote control runs off of AA batteries and comes with 100 sounds and 8-expert hunt sequences. You can easily select the duration and length of calls and the volume without ever leaving your position. The 2.5” full color LCD screen is easy to read when selecting your preferred calling sequence. The buttons on the remote are easy to press, even with gloves on when venturing out for a cold day of calling dogs. You can also access up to 2000 sounds on the 4GB of internal memory. Users can go to and check out the Primos sound library to download the calls they want on their remote.

The 50-watt speakers have a class D amplifier, putting out 150 watts of power. The speakers can rotate 180 degrees giving you the option to send the call in any direction or multiple directions for the calling setup. The versatility of the speakers having the ability to change directions allows you to place the Boss Dogg in any setup to increase your odds of calling in some coyotes. The call has a hand strap or shoulder strap for transporting to each stand. The build of the Boss Dogg is well thought out and rugged.

The Boss Dog features a wireless motion decoy tail. You can use the tail within 30-yards of the decoy or quickly attach it to the decoy. This movement really helped conceal any movement we made while changing direction to get a shot at dogs that didn’t come from the direction we expected. I found this decoy to be extremely helpful when I took my boys with me on some stands. Keeping the focus away from our location and on the decoy helped mask my boys’ movement, as they found it tremendously difficult to sit still when a dog was coming in or we were just waiting for some action to begin. The remote also captured their attention as they could easily start and stop the calling session or the motion decoy. The Boss Dogg is effortlessly controlled and simple to operate, making it fun to hit new stands without having to overthink your setup. “Speak the Language” with Primo’s Boss Dogg!