Sig Sauer has put a lot of work into all of their Electro-Optics and they are quickly becoming one of our go to companies when it comes to outdoor optics.

The Whiskey series of scopes are another great offering from Sig Sauer and we were able to test out the Whiskey3.

The Whiskey3 is available in five different models; 2-7X32 MM, 3-9X40 MM, 3-9X50 MM, 4-12X40 MM, and 4-12X50 MM. Having so many different models means that they have what you need for any type of shooting setup. To further make you as accurate as possible, the Whiskey3 feature one free Sig Ballistic Turret. Sig will expertly match the ballistics of your shooting setup and send you a custom laser-etched elevation dial. They accomplish this by inputing bullet specifications, ballistic coefficients, muzzle velocity, elevation, and other environmental factors. The SBT system finds the correct bullet drop compensation and gives you pinpoint accuracy at even longer ranges.

The lenses on the Whiskey3 feature Sig Sauer’s Spectracoat technology, giving you a highly efficient, ultra-wide broadband, anti-reflection lens coating that will reduce surface reflections to extremely low levels across the entire visible spectrum. This provides you superior light transmission. They also feature Lens Armor which is an abrasion-resistant lens coating giving you added durability and keeping your lenses sharp, bright, and clear.

The focus and zoom dials are very smooth making it that much easier to get on target both quickly and accurately. The zoom dial also features an elevated rubber grip which makes it easier and faster to toggle from low power zoom to higher powers. The Whiskey3 has an industrial design which provides rugged reliability and protection from the elements. It is also extremely light, which means that you can feel good about taking it on any type of hunt, even ones that require a lot of hiking. Like all of Sig Sauer’s electro-optics, the Whiskey3 is covered by their Infinite Guarantee. The Infinite Guarantee is an unlimited lifetime guarantee that is fully transferable, doesn’t require a warranty card or receipt, has no time limit, and is absolutely free. The guarantee will give you the peace of mind that you are investing in a product that will be with you forever, no matter what. So, if you are looking for a new custom scope for any of your shooting setups, we highly recommend you check out the Whiskey series form Sig Sauer. You’ll find them at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse optics counter.