By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Because of evaporative cooling, the body loses heat 25 times faster when it is wet than just from ambient air temperature. The key to staying warm is to stay dry.

SealSkinz provides insulation from the external air with Merino wool, but it is what is sandwiched between those cloth layers that is the real magic.

A semi-permeable membrane that allows sweat to wick away, but completely blocks water from penetrating, gives the gloves and socks from SealSkinz the ability to keep your hands and feet completely dry, from the outside and in.

This hydrophilic membrane is not a new concept, but typically these membranes don’t have the ability to stretch. The Aqua Dynamic Design of the Stretch Dry technology in the SealSkinz gloves and socks, means that it not only repels water, but can stretch to provide warming comfort during active use.

SealSkinz was developed in Great Britain, a place that knows wet weather, and every pair of gloves and socks is still hand made in the UK.

1111405_004_1-800x800The socks come in both thin and mid-weight and feature StretchDry waterproofing combined with Merino wool and synthetic fibers, an elasticized ankle and instep for better conformation to the foot and increased mobility. The inner liner of the Thin-Weight socks consists of 51 percent Merino wool and a blend of synthetics, and the outer material is composed of 87 percent Nylon for a long-lasting rugged shell. The Mid-Weight socks have 35 percent Merino inner liner with a 91 percent Nylon outer shell.

KJ751_Ultra_Grip_Gloves_RIGHT-PALM-800x800Their Ultra Grip Gloves have an 84 percent Merino wool lining and a 96.5 percent Nylon exterior, so they hold up to even the harshest use but stay soft and warm against the skin. A pattern of rubberized nodes coat the fingers and palms of the gloves to give a positive grip, even when wet. The manual dexterity of these gloves is fantastic, allowing even fine acuity for everyday tasks. Their A.D.D. makes them breathable, durable, flexible, stretchable, waterproof, and windproof.

Whether wading through a fly stream; snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing; or stalking an animal in a downpour, these socks and gloves will keep your feet and hands toasty and dry so you can stay outdoors longer. As SealSkinz likes to say, Outdoor Defiance created SealSkinz, Outdoor Defiance defines SealSkinz, Outdoor Defiance is SealSkinz.

They are an ideal companion for those who hike in wet weather, outdoorsmen, hunters, fishermen, snow sports, and anyone who wants to keep their feet and hands dry and protected from the elements. They would be a great fit for groundskeepers and construction workers who work outside in wet weather. I even wear them in the boots of my SCUBA dry suit or my waders. I have a pair of their socks in my Bug-Out Bag, and have worn them during waterfall recoveries with Search and Rescue.

If you want to keep your extremities warm and dry, check out the SealSkinz socks and gloves at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.