The Pellet Grill is probably one of the greatest products Camp Chef has ever developed. It makes smoking great meals. It takes a process which is traditionally pretty complicated and turns it into something that is very simple and user friendly for those with a busy schedule. They do this with the great technology in the cooking unit and most of all, they have developed some of the finest premium wood pellets to give you a vast array of flavors.

These pellets are not a byproduct, but rather 100% pure virgin hardwood. No oils, chemicals or binders added. The kiln dried process creates low moisture content for a very dry, hot burning pellet. A hotter burning pellet means it burns less to maintain your desired temperature, giving you more pellets for your next barbecue and less ash to clean. These pure virgin hardwood pellets will give you consistent results, bag after bag.

Camp Chef’s Premium Pellets come in a host of different flavors. The Apple wood pellets will add a fruity smoked flavor that can enrich mild flavored meats and are also very popular with pork and poultry. The Cherry pellets will add that great fruity smoke flavor.  A great option for beef, pork or chicken. Their Alder pellets adds a mild, sweet aroma without overwhelming the most delicate flavors, best used with almost all meats including fish, beef, poultry, lamb and wild game. Also great for pizza or other baked goods. The Hickory pellets impart a rich, smoky, bacon-like flavor to almost all meats and are best with beef, poultry and pork. But remember, Hickory can be overwhelming to some delicately flavored meats like fish.   The Mesquite pellets, which is a very common flavor of the southwest, gives a strong earthy, smoke flavor that is perfect with red meats and poultry. If you just can’t decide which flavor to choose, use the Competition Blend which is the perfect mix for that great smoke flavor. It is a premium mix of Maple, Hickory and Cherry and you just can’t go wrong with any type of meat you are cooking.

In addition to the prime flavors, you can mix in some of the blends to provide a bit of a different taste. The Mediterranean Herb pellets are an easy way to infuse savory, Mediterranean flavors into your favorite foods. With no oils or chemicals added, these 100% herb pellets offer the perfect blend of oregano, sage and bay leaves. Best with poultry, pork, lamb, fish and some baked goods. The Sage pellets will impart delicious sage flavors into your favorite foods. They again have no oils or chemicals added and they are 100% herb pellets. They are best with poultry, pork, lamb, fish and some baked goods.

Believe me, you will quickly become a smoking expert with a Camp Chef Pellet Grill and these various hardwood pellets, which are all available at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.