By Michael Deming

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, we are well into spring by the time this publication hits the shelves. This is truly one of the very best times of the year in my humble opinion. Usually old man winter has unleashed his grip on the majority of the country and the longer days provide much more time to enjoy the great outdoors. The bass are starting to spawn and yielding some pretty good fishing. The big rainbows are on the same program and the runoff usually hasn’t blown out the rivers yet. The deer have already shed their antlers and the bull elk are well on their way to being totally dropped by now. If you are a big game hunter, about a third of the states have had their drawing results posted and the rest have deadlines around the corner. So, this is the time of year when anticipation is the highest and when all things are possible.

This anticipation and the looking forward to something on a regular basis is one of the big reasons people are signing up to become a Sportsman’s News Pro Member. You no longer have that one day a year to see if you win the tag of a lifetime. We have purchased over $300,000 worth of trips, guns and gear from the very best Platinum Approved Outfitters, which we have worked with for years. A complete list of the next twelve month’s giveaways are in the center page spread of this issue. Every ten days, we do a public drawing for all of the members who are active participants. We video this procedure and make it totally transparent to the participants. We are just now starting our second year of this great program and we have some of the most unbelievable trips to give away.

WRO-Desert-RamThe Desert Bighorn ram hunt in Sonora Mexico is one of the highlighted hunts we are giving away this year. We dedicated $50,000 to this one hunt alone. Whomever wins this trip is truly going to experience a trip of a lifetime. If hunting isn’t your thing, but you like to fish, we have some great fishing trips as well and most of them are for two people. So, you can take your spouse or any one of your new found friends and there will be plenty when they find out what you have won! If you’ve never thought about doing a trip of this caliber or even thought that it was possible, this could be your chance. The odds are great and we will continue to keep them that way.

As our membership grows, so will the number and quality of trips available to win. Each drawing is focused around a major prize, but we give away numerous bonus prizes each and every drawing as well. Great packs from ALPS OutdoorZ and butcher kits from one of our primary sponsors, Outdoor Edge. My objective this year is to make sure every one of our members gets over $300 worth of products and discounts to make your membership worth every penny, even if you don’t win one of the grand prizes. Please check our website at for complete details on being a Pro Member and what is up for grabs. Five tickets in every drawing as well as the anticipation every ten days about possibly winning is making the Pro Membership something very talked about.

Best of luck to all of you who participate and regardless, enjoy this great spring weather and all the outdoors has to offer. If you are fortunate enough to draw one of those coveted big game tags in the west, feel free to call us and get a recommendation on who is the best outfitter to work with. We have vetted a bunch over the last twelve years and know who is the best and a pretty good list of who not to work with.