With more than 30 years in the gun safe business, Browning continues to be on the leading edge of innovation. On the surface, gun safes look confusingly similar to one another and when researching a new safe to buy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the choices that are available. Browning makes it easier to select the safe you want by dividing features into three areas: 1) Security, 2) Fire Protection and 3) Storage.

Protecting your guns and valuables from unwanted or untrained hands is one of the driving decisions to purchase a safe. While the security features of gun safes vary by manufacturer and price point, none can equal the industry-leading protection found in a Browning ProSteel safe.

Browning ProSteel safe bodies and reinforced door frames are formed from a single sheet of steel (minimum of 12 gauge thickness) or utilize a continuous weld that creates a more rigid structure. Lock protection has been designed with extra care to insure that the locking mechanisms are isolated from punch, pounding and drill attacks. Additional attention is also given to door corners for additional protection against pry attacks. Every Browning ProSteel safe carries Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL®) Residential Security Rating (RSC). To meet this requirement, safes must pass a laboratory attack test.

Even though you can’t see all of the security features built inside a Browning safe, Browning works hard to include the best security features possible for the money, so that you know your valuables are safe.

BRW_Safe_BurningFire Protection
A house fire is a catastrophic event. Not only is the dwelling damaged or destroyed, irreplaceable heirlooms such as photographs and antiques are often also lost. A Browning ProSteel safe shields guns and valuables from the ravages of fire with ThermaBlock fire protection.

Protection from heat and fire is more complex than adding more sheets of insulation to a safe; insulation and insulation layout, hinge design and steel thickness all play crucial roles in keeping your valuables safe. ThermaBlock uses thicker sheets of fire insulation that are, importantly, arranged in an interlocking design. This design minimizes gaps that allow heat to radiate into the safe and raise the internal temperature. While many safe builders tout their internal hinges, a peek inside shows large gaps in the insulation where heat from a fire can radiate through. External hinges on Browning ProSteel safes leave no gaps. Our testing reveals that a Browning ProSteel safe with ThermaBlock fire protection offers as much as three times better fire protection than a safe with internal hinges. Even the thicker steel and continuous welds used makes a difference by minimizing heat induced flex that can break spot-welds apart and open huge gaps for heat to enter.

BRW_AXIS_ShelvingStorage Solutions
While Safety and Fire Protection are extremely important, so is the ability to store more guns and valuables and have better access. A glance inside the average gun safe reveals loads of unused space because they lack the ability to make precise shelf height adjustments and add more or remove shelves. Browning’s patented Axis Adjustable Shelving can be configured to meet your exact needs and utilize every inch of interior space. This one-of-a-kind adjustable shelving is simply the most versatile gun safe interior ever designed.

In addition to having the best storage solution inside the safe, Browning safes feature the most effect door storage as well. The patented DPX door storage system is another Browning exclusive. This unequalled organizational tool allows long guns, handguns, shooting gear and more to be stored on the back of the safe door. The DPX gun rack creates as much as 50% more long gun capacity inside the safe and makes the guns on the door easy to access. The Scope Saver increases storage and protects optics. DPX pouches and pockets hold valuables and gear where they are easy to find and free up shelf space for even more items.

So, when you are looking to buy a new gun safe, make sure you check out the great line of Browning ProSteel safes first at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse.