By Dan Kidder
Managing Editor

Lovers of the outdoors still like the occasional creature comforts at camp and to keep your appliances and electronics running off the grid, Sportsman’s Warehouse carries a full line of Honda Inverters.

No brand has the reputation for reliability and performance like Honda. From large and mighty to small and portable, Honda has all your power generation needs covered. With features like super quiet engines, to low maintenance, easy starting and long run times and fuel efficiency, Honda’s inverters will perform.

Standard generators use fuel to run a motor attached to an alternator to produce electrical alternating current, like that used in a house. Because they directly generate current, if the motor speed fluctuates, so will the current and this can lead to unreliable output. An inverter generator outputs this same type of unstable AC current, but then converts it to DC and then uses a built-in inverter to turn it back into a more stable form of AC current, to remove power fluctuations. This conditioned electrical output is better for your appliances and electronic devices. Each of the Honda Inverters also has the ability to connect to a like model to double the output. Honda uses state-of-the-art inverter technology to provide stable power output for all of your power needs. We took a few of the models carried at Sportsman’s Warehouse for a spin to see what they could do.

61PWdnt32jL._SL1000_EU1000i Inverter
The EU10001 Inverter is Honda’s small yet powerful portable workhorse. With just a .6-gallon fuel tank, the EU1000i will run for up to 9-hours on a single tank of gas, depending upon the load. Using the Eco Throttle, the 50 cubic centimeter engine revs up or down, depending on the power output to help conserve fuel. Rated at 900 watts and 7.5 amps of power, it has a max output of 1000 watts of 120 volt power. The 1000i includes two 125v standard 15 amp household outlets, as well as a direct connect 12 volt DC output for charging batteries. This little beauty is ultra-quiet, running full out at about 59 decibels (the level of a standard conversation) so you can stand right next to it and not ever have to raise your voice to be heard. When the Eco Throttle kicks in and the load output decreases, you can practically whisper next to it and be heard. It is lightweight, around 30 pounds with fuel and oil and small enough to set on the back floorboards of a car. It is just 17.7 inches long by 15 inches tall and 9.4 inches wide.

34961nEU2000i Inverter
The most versatile, everyday inverter in the Honda lineup is the EU2000i. Featuring the same ultra-quiet technology as its little brother, the 2000i provides enough power output to run a small refrigerator and still has enough left over to hook up your electric coffee pot. The inverter technology makes the power output stable enough to run computers, flat screen TVs and other sensitive electronic devices. It has a 1600 watt 13.3 amp rated output with 2000 watts of 16.7 amp max output. The 2000i provides two, 20 amp 125 volt outlets, as well as a 12 volt DC outlet. It’s1-gallon gas tank will run between 3.4 hours at max output to 8.1 hours at ¼ load. It is still a manageable weight for one person at only 48 pounds with a full tank. It is 20.2 long by 16.7 inches tall by 11.4 inches wide, so it easily fits in the trunk of even a compact car. The EU2000i is also available in a camo version.

2000i CompanionEU2000i Companion
The EU2000i Companion features everything found in the regular EU 2000i, but features a single 125 volt, 20-amp output, as well as a 30-amp RV connection output. It is designed to be run in parallel with your standard EU2000i Inverter to double your output to 4000 watts of 30-amp power. It can be run alone or in parallel. It weighs the same as the standard 2000i and is the same dimensions.

For those larger devices, like RV air conditioners, washing machines, furnaces and microwaves, the 3000iS provides two, 125-volt 20-amp outputs, as well as a 30-amp RV connection locking plug outlet and a 12-volt DC battery charging port. The 3000iS is rated to run at 2800 watts of 23.3-amp output with a max of 3000 watts at 25-amps of 120 volt power. It has advanced features like electric start with a backup recoil operated pull cord and a run time of up to 20 hours on its 3.4-gallon tank. It will run for around 7-hours at full load. This unit is larger and can be handled for short distances by a single person, but if you need to carry it any distance, you will want two people to carry it with its integrated carry handles. A dispersion exhaust vent spreads out the exhaust from its 196 cubic centimeter engine, so it isn’t all concentrated in a single spot, so it is great for use in tight spaces. You still want adequate ventilation to prevent accumulation of carbon monoxide. It weighs 140 pounds with a full tank and oil reservoir and 25.9 inches long by 22 inches high by 17.6 inches wide and fits easily in the trunk of a full-sized sedan or in the bed of your pickup.

The big daddy of the Honda inverter line is the EU7000iS. For outdoor events, sound systems, LED projectors, RVs and home power back up, the electric start, fuel injected 7000iS will handle just about anything you can throw at it. It features four, 20 –amp GFCI outlets, a single 125 volt 30 amp locking ring RV connection and a 30-amp 125/250 volt locking ring outlet for welders or large appliances like electric dryers. It has a power mode switch to select which power output you desire. It has a push-button electric start with a key to prevent unauthorized use and an LCD display to show how many hours of use, watts of output, engine RPM and the voltage of the internal starter battery. The 389 cubic centimeter engine is fuel injected for even better fuel efficiency and a longer run time and is super quiet, running between 52 and 60 decibels. The 7000iS has a 5.1 gallon fuel tank and will run between 6.5 hours at full load and 18 hours at ¼ load on a single tank. A collapsible handle lets you easily maneuver the inverter on its built-in wheels and then stows away for easier storage or transport. It is a heavy beast for a single person, weighing about 285 pounds with a full tank, but two people can lift it with minimal effort. Rolling it on its wheels is easy for a single person. It is 33.4 inches long by 28.4 inches high by 27.6 inches wide, but takes up minimal space in the bed of a pickup truck.

All of the Honda inverters feature output indicators, low oil warning lights and overload indicators. When the oil gets low, the engine will automatically shut off to keep it from seizing. It will also shut off after 4-seconds to prevent an overload. They all have internal circuit breakers on each outlet to prevent overloading a single outlet. The 3000iS and the 7000iS both have electric start and key locks, as well as external fuel gauges.

For the money, the features and sound level of the Honda inverters are well worth the high price tag you will find from regular generators. Coupled with the better power conditioning of the inverter technology over standard generators, the Hondas perform better and more efficiently. They are smaller in size, more powerful and give better performance than many other power generators on the market. Whether you go with a EU1000i or the EU7000iS, you will be glad you went with a product from Honda, a company with a reputation for reliability and excellent customer service.

Check out the full line of Honda Inverters at your local Sportsman’s Warehouse store for all of your power generation needs.