The engineering that hunters have come to love in the VX- 1 through VX-6 scopes from Leupold has now been brought to the modern sporting rifle.

Integrating the Quantum Optical System technology that sets Leupold scopes apart from the competition, the Mark AR MOD1 is one of the most technologically advanced scopes for an AR style rifle on the market.

Every great scope starts with the glass, and the Mark AR MOD1 is no exception. Utilizing the highest quality optical glass with enhanced geometry, the Mark AR MOD1 provides crystal clear viewing and magnification, coupled with amazing clarity and light gathering. The Mark AR uses lead free, environmentally friendly glass, with Leupold’s proprietary MultiCoat 4 and Diamond Coat lens coatings, which are precisely positioned in optimum relationship to each other to produce up to 92% total light transmission and provides abrasion resistance to the glass. Bottom line, you will have razor crisp images in all kinds of environments.

To keep the inside of the scope bone dry, Leupold uses a proprietary Nitrogen purging process to prevent thermal shock that can occur when rapid temperature changes occur maximizing light transmission. What this means is superb optical clarity that has to be seen to be believed.

For our review, we tested the 1.5-4×20 MM. It has fast action P5 adjustment turrets with 125 MOA or 35.6 mils of adjustment to rapidly allow modifications to be made, and zero can be reset and locked in with an Allen wrench, without removing covers.

The small footprint means that the optic will take up only minimal valuable real estate on top of your gun, and the one-inch tube reduces weight and size without sacrificing light transmission.

Our model includes the FireDot-G Special Purpose Reticle. The SPR lets you utilize the hash marks for range estimation. The green FireDot lets you rapidly engage targets and shuts off the light in standby mode until it is raised to the eye, to preserve battery life. This model is an ideal match for competition at varying ranges or close quarters combat applications.

A 29-foot field of view at 100 yards on 4-power, means plenty of situational awareness down range. This makes the Leupold Mark AR MOD1 1.5-4×20 millimeter an ideal tactical scope as well as a fantastic competition or hunting companion for your modern sporting rifle.